President @RealDonaldTrump  makes clear: Europe is going to make a trade deal.

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On President's Day weekend, let's try to remember how presidents are supposed to talk, and act.

Democracy to me means one person, one vote, not Bloomberg or anybody else spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to buy an election.

I'm very proud to be Jewish and I look forward to becoming the first Jewish president in the history of this country.

This campaign is about building a massive, diverse coalition of working people across the country. That is why we are the best campaign to defeat Trump.

At the end of the day, the top 1% may have enormous wealth and power, but they are just the 1%. When the 99% stand together, we can transform society. Live now from our rally in Denver:

Former OSU wrestler accuses Rep. Jim Jordan of lying when he claimed he didn't know about alleged abuse

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Barr is Trump’s puppet, acting as his personal lawyer rather than the people’s atty. He’s undermining our democracy by interfering in the sentencing of Roger Stone & seeking a review of Flynn’s case. Barr claims this is ordinary procedure - he’s an ordinary LIE! He’s got to go!

The Trump administration shouldn't be deploying militarized @CustomsBorder  agents to menace Boston & other cities that don't cooperate with the President's inhumane immigration @SenMarkeypolicies . & I demand they reverse course on this dangerous, unneeded new plan.

Judicial Watch President@TomFitton : “Do you agree we need Voter ID & clean voter rolls? JW is in federal court right now fighting to make sure that your elections will be fair & honest.” Learn more about JW's election integrity efforts at