President @RealDonaldTrump  makes clear: Europe is going to make a trade deal.

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History says that the winner of a last Presidential debate usually has a very good chance of becoming the next President. Joe Biden won this debate tonight.

“I am the least racist person in this room,” Trump says to Kristen Welker, the first black woman to moderate a presidential debate.

FACT CHECK “The bank account was in 2013. That’s what it was. It was opened — it was closed in 2015, I believe.” — Mr. Trump False. A lawyer for the Trump Organization said the bank account is still open. (NYTimes)

We've been subjected to it for 4 years, so it's hard to fully process how utterly absurd and unhinged it is that it's acceptable in the face of a difficult question or uncomfortable evidence for US politicians to just start babbling incoherently to blame Russia and Putin for it.

I know more about wind (I think he means hot air).

Trump: "We've done a wonderful job on the environment." Says the man who has repealed 85 major environmental regulations, who backed out of the Paris Accord, and who's given oil companies everything they've asked for.

We know what works against COVID and it isn’t denial. Wear a mask. Socially distance. Wash your hands often. Test and trace. And listen to scientists.