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Fair Punishment Proj

Fair Punishment Project is a joint initiative of Harvard Law School's Charles Hamilton Houston Institute and the Criminal Justice Institute.

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Nevada may be on track to abolish the death penalty this month. But two Democratic state senators who also work as prosecutors have stalled the legislation, which state DAs strongly oppose.

LIVE: Daunte Wright's Killing Sparks Push For Alternatives To Policing

In 2021, roughly one-third of the largest cities will decide mayoral elections, with policing and public safety among the top issues. As elections near, voters and advocates should understand the role of mayors in policing and how mayors can effect change.

In partnership with @Oaklandside : In 2019, CA passed a law mandating the release of records related to police misconduct. Since then, police unions have filed at least 20 separate lawsuits in county courts to prevent public access to the files.

In response to the disproportionate number of Black residents leaving Pittsburgh, advocates are demanding the next Mayor expand affordable housing. "The people who lived there and endured the bad times should also be able to benefit from the good.”

Only 7 percent of Connecticut renters have access to counsel in eviction proceedings, compared to 81 percent of landlords. CT lawmakers should pass the statewide renters’ right-to-counsel bill to help tenants remain in their homes.

“There’s an apparent conflict of interest, where the people that are making laws are enforcing laws,” Scott Coffee, a longtime public defender in Clark County who has worked on many capital cases, told The Appeal.

ICYMI: Pureval and Mann support funding mental health teams and reforming Cincinnati's emergency response, but not divesting from police—which is what activists say would lead to true public safe.


BREAKING: A veto-proof majority of Minneapolis City Council members will announce today their commitment to disbanding the city’s embattled police department following the killing of George Floyd.

NEWS: In March, Joe Prude called the police for help. His brother, Daniel, was acting strangely. Instead, video shows Rochester police handcuffing him, mocking him, and kneeling on his back while pushing his face into the ground until he stops breathing.

Postal officials have suspended mail delivery to Mar Vista Gardens, a public housing complex in LA. Residents must pick up mail at a facility more than a mile away. Organizers call it "a political attack on the Latino and African American community.”

“Even the prosecutor who tried Brandon’s case and a majority of the jurors who sentenced him to death now agree that execution would be a grave injustice.” @RepPressley  urges Pres. Trump to commute Brandon Bernard’s sentence so he is not executed today.

80% of voters support $2,000 stimulus checks. When West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin suggested he might not support them, radio ads and billboards went up against him, and he quickly changed course.

UPDATE: The Monroe County medical examiner has ruled Prude’s death a homicide due to complciations from "asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint."

Golda Barton called 911 for help with her 13-year-old son, Linden Cameron, who was experiencing a mental health crisis. Instead, Salt Lake City police arrived and shot him repeatedly. “He’s a small child. Why didn’t you just tackle him? … He’s a baby.”

BREAKING: The Austin City Council voted to purchase a hotel to permanently house people experiencing chronic homelessness using money diverted away from the police budget

For more than 6 minutes, Lionel Morris asked police to let him up. “I can’t breathe,” he said, handcuffed, lying on the ground. “If you can talk, you can breathe,” officers answered. Morris had no pulse when EMTs arrived, and died en route to the hospital.

A review of the Facebook accounts of thousands of police officers across the US found one in five current officers made public posts or comments that were racist, or endorsed violence against black people, Muslims, women, and criminal defendants.