Alicia / Boys / Staples Center / Kobe Bryant​

Grammys host Alicia Keys -- with some help from Boys II Men -- kicked off Sunday's ceremony at the Staples Center with a musical tribute to Kobe Bryant.​

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Alicia / Boys / Staples Center / Kobe Bryant​

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Please utilize this tweet to say something magical about the Triple OG, The Crikey King, Steve Irwin. The eternally optimistic Electric Factory would’ve turned 58 today. Happy Birthday King.

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You can’t do it all and that’s okay.

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A person generally hates you for 3 reasons: 1) They want to be you. 2) They hate themselves. 3) They see you as a threat.

Be proud of yourself for how far you have come, and never stop pushing to be the best you can be.

Being single will save you a thousand times more stress than being in the wrong relationship.

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