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Megan Connolly taps home to make it 3-0 as Katie McCabe corner causes consternation in Georgian defence #rtesoccer  Updates - Watch - Radio -

The evidence is preserved in the imperial archives in S. Petersburg, Russia, in Helsinki, Finland, and Tbilisi, Georgia. It is based on the examination of those Russian documents that the Georgian Parliament recognized in 2011 the Circassian Genocide perpetrated by Russia. 🧵5

The #EUCO  decided to recognize the European perspective of Georgia and is ready to grant candidate status once the outstanding priorities are addressed. Congratulations to the Georgian people. A historic moment in EU-Georgia relations: Georgia's future lies within the EU. 🇪 UG 🇪

Russian Forces Have Liquidated Georgian Mercs Involved in Torture, Murder of Russian PoWs, MoD Says

#URGENT | Russian forces have liquidated Georgian mercs involved in torture, murder of Russian PoWs, MoD says #SputnikUrgent 

Georgian-Russian Border Closed Due to Rockfall, Heavy Rains

Three Siblings Drown in Georgian Lake on the Same Day

In October 2020, a political crisis erupted when opposition parties claimed the parliamentary election was rigged and refused to concede defeat. The groups then refused to enter the parliament while the leading party, Georgian Dream, formed a new government.


A six-bedroom Georgian terrace in Whitby is to be converted into holiday apartments - despite a backlash from locals


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Georgian oil tanker refuses to fuel a Russian ship. The Russians: “Common, let’s leave politics aside! We just need fuel!” Georgians: “Russian ship, go f..yourself. Glory to Ukraine! And you can always use oars, so, row!”

A minute’s silence in honor of the soldiers, men, women & children who perished in this savage war. They laid down their lives for Ukraine & Europe! RIP-Anatoliy Kushnir (20yrs), Georgian fighter Arkadiy Kasradze, Mykhailo Hryhorash (23yrs), Oleksandr Balanetsky#ArmUkraineNow 

"They have not surrendered" - commander of the Georgian Legion (allied to the Ukrainian military) tells me that the fight for Mariupol is not over, despite Russian claims to the contrary

The last major expansion of NATO occurred 2 decades ago. Putin does not fear NATO expansion today. He fears Ukrainian democracy. & as we focus on the "sins" of NATO expansion from decades ago, Putin has been making real gains in undermining Ukrainian (& Georgian) democracy.

"The Russian president has got plenty of innocent blood on his hands - Chechen, Georgian, Syrian, and, yes, Ukrainian. Look, what is the point in being 'anti-imperialist' if you're only against America's imperialism?" Me on the @MehdiHasanShow  tonight:

Putin takes great pleasure in knowing that most of the world has forgotten about his occupation of Georgian territory. He's hoping the same regarding his annexation of Ukraine territory.

Georgia Lt. Governor @GeoffDuncanGA  is a RINO Never Trumper who got himself elected as LG by falsely claiming to be “pro-Trump”. Too dumb or corrupt to recognize massive evidence of fraud in GA & should be replaced! We need every great Georgian to call him out! #SpecialSession !

After Trump pressured Georgia's governor to help overturn Biden's win in the state, Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan says the President "did not win the state of Georgia": "As the lieutenant governor and a Georgian, I'm proud that we can see that this election was fair" #CNNSOTU 

Trump pitched real estate project to Georgian prime minister during White House meeting: report