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Harikrishnan‘s inflatable latex trousers brought “anatomically impossible“ proportions to the runway this week🎈Here‘s why inflatable fashion is blowing TF up:

🤔💭 Here’s the science behind the creative ... I respect the narrative and Harikrishnan pushing the boundaries ~ “Leaders Lead and Different Ain’t The Same” ~ Hammer#MyMicIsOn 🎙 Harikrishnan designs inflatable latex trousers with "impossible" proportions

Meet emerging menswear designer Harikrishnan, who set Instagram alight with these inflatable latex trousers of balloon-like proportions created for his graduate show: Footage courtesy of @LCFLondon 

Banning these trousers on the Tube, just imagine the manspreading. (Via Harikrishnan)

Harikrishnan'>Designer Harikrishnan says his inflatable latex trousers were first inspired by his pug. “When you see the collection, I designed it in a way where some elements should surprise your eyes, and other elements should give you good feelings.”

The young designer Harikrishnan says his inflatable latex trousers were first inspired by his pug. He’s OK with your jokes about them.

As seen in Harikrishnan's graduate collection, the striped trousers are made of 30 latex panels and inflate up using a seven millimetre-wide inflation valve that connect to the bottoms

Inflatable latex pants - yay or nay? 🤔 London College of Fashion designer Harikrishnan sent these beauties down a runway. PHOTO: @archive2222 

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#SundayEYE | When scrolling through the phone’s contact list is like a walk down memory lane. Harikrishnan Nair writes:


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#ExpressOpinion | Growing up, Facebook wasn’t just any company. With Alphabet (then Google), Microsoft, Apple, and many others, it was part of the cabal that a generation looked up to, including in India by Harikrishnan NairRead:

No Country for Religious Women. Brilliant piece by Charmy Harikrishnan on Sabarimala via @thewire_in 

Duo Deepti Nair & Harikrishnan Panicker of Hari & Deepti construct cut paper dioramas inside backlit light boxes

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