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got the gold for the wall!!!! Love u guys @BTS_twt @LifeOfDesiigner #micdropremix
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BTS' "DNA" & "Mic Drop" gets certified gold by RIAA
.@BTS_twt's "Mic Drop" remix with @SteveAoki and @LifeOfDesiigner certified gold by RIAA
Happy birthday to one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of meeting! Heart of gold he's god ! @Ashton5SOS
Whaaaaaaat!!!! We went gold already!!! Love all of u for getting us there!!!! #micdropremix @LifeOfDesiigner @BTS_twt #ARMYs
BTS' "Fake Love" certified gold by RIAA
Trump just mocked Dr. Ford, a victim of sexual assault. This shouldn’t surprise us — he’s mocked Gold Star parents, the disabled, and prisoners of war. But it should disgust us all the same.
Here it is! The new gold iPhone X’s Max!
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BTS' "Love Yourself: Tear" certified Gold in Japan
.@KingJames will make $162 per second in purple and gold this season 😳
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