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I disagreed with President Bush all the time. I never called him a pathological liar. He was just conservative. But Trump lies all the time.
White nationalism & black nationalism are mirror images, both opposed to the conservative philosophy of human dignity & individual rights
There is nothing conservative, Republican, patriotic or MAGA-ish about appeasement of Putin. Nothing.
Trump expressed more passion slamming Merck's CEO than the KKK, Nazis & white supremacists. Nothing patriotic or conservative in that.
.@Omarosa45: "The fact that I am a conservative African-American woman, that already makes me a target." #Tucker
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Justice Gorsuch will address a conservative group next month, at the Trump International Hotel, naturally
FACEBOOK Shuts Down Conservative Employee Chatroom...
To be clear to viewers around the world, in the last 3 press conferences, Trump has ONLY called on conservative news outlets for questions
Conservative Party announces plans to reduce net immigration by making Britain a terrible place to live.
Disgusting but not surprising. This is the left today. They consider this acceptable. Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS?
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