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Lynching, frequently used by white mobs toward African-Americans from the end of the Civil War to mid 20th century, involved torture and murder without any due process of law.

Sen Rand Paul: “If democrats want to send our young men and women to fight in the Syriancivil war let's have that debate. If democrats are so hungry for war let's have that debate. “

NY TV debut 10/23/44 at 8:10 pm on WNBT. I've read several books claiming that only civil defense programs were being shown on TV during World War II. Seven-year-old Selznick not broadcast in color. Remade as LIVING IT UP (1954) with Jerry Lewis in Lombard role. Public domain.

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As with "coup d'etat" and "civil war," Trump's "lynching" comment is meant to equate impeachment with violence and thus legitimize a violent response to it.

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During the past two weeks, tens of thousands of people have fled the once stable border area of Syria to escape shelling by Turkish troops, adding to the millions of people already displaced throughout a brutal eight-year civil war

@TurkCitizen  @GiranOzcanY  @barbarosansalfno  @tunabeklevicu  know you really discredit yourself when citing that number since everyone knows that's the total casualty count of the civil war and a majority of the casualties, military and civilian, were killed by the Turkish security forces

Worth noting that the harm of lynching went far beyond the thousands of direct victims. It played a key role in the effort by the former slave power to overturn the verdict of the Civil War via terrorism. It helped set our nation back 100 years.

Civil War'>Syrian Civil War: Russian and Turkish Presidents hold talks on Syria. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

After it lost the Civil War, white South Carolinians lynched - meaning, you know, publicly and gleefully tortured and murdered - 164 African Americans between Reconstruction and 1950: Apparently Lindsey Graham can't recall any of this


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“About 500,000 human beings were killed in Syria while Barack Obama was president & leading for a “political settlement” to that civil war. Media has been more outraged in the last 72 hours over our Syria policy than they were at any point during 7 years of slaughter.” BuckSexton

....If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” Pastor Robert Jeffress, @FoxNews 

Hey @brianschatz  - question: The President just said that if Congress impeaches him, his suppporters will rise up in armed insurrection. “Civil War”, he says. So tomorrow will Senate Republicans a. support impeachment inquiry; or b. condemn him in strong unequivocal terms

Many factors contributed to the Civil War. One caused it: slavery.

I have visited nations ravaged by civil war. @realDonaldTrump  I have never imagined such a quote to be repeated by a President. This is beyond repugnant.

So today Trump threatened a whistleblower, accused one or more of his top nat sec aides of being spies, demanded a House Chair be interrogated on suspicion of treason and threatened to foment a civil war if he is removed from office.

The alleged wannabe mass murderer in the Coast Guard googled "civil war if Trump impeached." Where could he possibly get such an insane idea? Oh

I have seen social movements for change - the Civil Rights Movement, protests over the Vietnam War, the fall of communism in Europe, apartheid in South Africa. This is often how a new reality begins.

1 word answer: Slavery. Longer: When Andrew Jackson died in 1845 (16 yrs before the Civil War began), he owned 150 men, women and children.