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MDH reports 8 more COVID-19 deaths, including 5 in long-term care. There are 149 in ICU, unchanged from yesterday. Others hospitalized 153, down 15 from Saturday. Plus 769 new cases/15,174 tests (5%).

MDH reports 2 more COVID-19 deaths, 1 in 70’s and 1 in 80’s, but neither in long-term care. There are 153 COVID patients in ICU, the most since 6/27. There are 149 others hospitalized, down 4 from Sunday. Plus 622 new cases/15,870 tests (3.9%)

MDH reports 4 more COVID deaths in MN, 2 in long-term care. There are 159 in ICU, most since 6/25 (but well below peak of 263 on 5/30). Another 169 are hospitalized, up 20 from Monday. Plus, 606 new cases/8,060 tests (7.5%).

UPDATE: High school football, volleyball to move to spring, MSHSL considers additional sports season

Valleyfair to remain closed through 2020 season

MDH reports 9 new COVID-19 deaths, including four in long-term care. The last day of double-digit deaths was on 7/2. There are 152 in ICU, down 7 from Tuesday...and 153 others hospitalized, down 16. Plus, 629 new cases/11,720 tests (5.4%).

MDH reports 4 new deaths, including 1 in long-term care and 1 group home. There are 155 in ICU, up 2 from Thursday, and 145 others hospitalized, down 21. Plus, 556 new cases/15,924 tests (3.5%).


MUST WATCH TV: If you’re still unclear what impact the rioting and violence is having on the most vulnerable among us, please listen to Stephanie, a disabled Minneapolis woman who offers her heart-wrenching experience after last night’s violence. Great work by @BenryKAAL ⁩

A remarkable MN National Guard convoy just now entering Minneapolis via Interstate 394 coming from the west. Part of a historic full mobilization of up to 13,000 MN National Guard troops. #kstp  #5eyewitnessnews 

A large crowd of supporters waiting to greet Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar At Mpls-St. Paul International airport in the midst of feud with President Trump. Live reports at 5 and 6 on 5 Eyewitness News.

DEVELOPING: Less than 90 minutes after I asked MN Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington if he was aware of a threat to the Christopher Columbus statue at the State Capitol...being told yes and assured it would be protected...this happened.

Gov. Walz says he was told early yesterday by Mpls Mayor Frey they would likely let the Third Precinct fall. He didn’t agree with it, but wasn’t his call.

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COVID-19 case fatality rates by age group in MN per MDH: 0-19 no deaths; 20-29 .02% 30-39 .13% 40-49 .31% 50-59 1.36% 60-69 5.47% 70-79 15.26% 80-89 30.82% 90-99 44.48% 100+ 58%