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@aoifemcl  @DonnellyStephenThey  have none. They haven't had one Talking about 0 covid presumes that there is a competent administrative capacity in the health service. I suspect these people have been missing what's been happening in Ireland for the last 20-years

🔝 #PlattsCommodityNews  Americas Oct 19 📰 Pace of energy transition, innovation on the ballot | 🎧 Podcast: How CFTC climate risk warnings could impact US energy sector | 🎦 Market Movers Americas |

Former Vice President Joe Biden has avoided wading deep into the controversy over emails allegedly recovered from his son’s computer as he enters the final stretch of his campaign.

There were almost twice as many suicides among Black Coloradans than would be expected during the first six months of the pandemic.

"Americans depended on oil imports for 10% of their consumption, and in 2008 that number had risen to over 50% of consumption. That trend was only reversed when fracking caused U.S. oil production to surge." @Forbes 

Good to know that if you're a journalist and you want attention on your story during this crazy news cycle, all you have to do is fire up Zoom and

Para embalar esta noite de 2ª, “How Can Love Survive”, do musical “The Sound Of Music” (1959):

Coronavirus Update: Parents anxious over mixed messaging from schools and public-health officials


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A report by the Department of Public Health in the midwest has outlined how one person who did not restrict his movements after returning from abroad led to 56 individuals in ten households and a sports team contracting #Covid19  |

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the death on hunger strike of the Lord Mayor of Cork, Terence MacSwiney, at the age of 41. His death was to be another turning point in a tumultuous year in the War of Independence.

‘Heartless. God. In the middle of a pandemic’ — Biden and Harris react to Trump’s stunning lies about health care, the Black community, and more

"I dare not make election predictions because to do so is folly. There are still two weeks remaining in this campaign. Anything could happen," @CharlesMBlow  says. "But, the situation for Trump continues to be dire and time is running out."

Keep in mind Gideon said the Melbourne lockdown should have ended ———— on April 3rd:

More Americans voted for Democrats in the Senate, but Republicans ended up in control. Here's why that happens:

The @nypost  defense of its unverified Hunter Biden “scoop” echoes Murdoch’s defense for publishing the unverified “Hitler diaries,” another hoax, in 1983 /1

The Biden campaign just broke another campaign fundraising record by bringing in $383 million in September. In addition to the $364.5 million raised in August, the campaign has now brought in three-quarters of a billion dollars in just two months

Two churches were targets of arson attacks after protests over inequality turned violent in Santiago, Chile. Latest world news here:

Mo from Blackburn, along with his parents, has tested positive for Covid-19. He's been vlogging their journey as his mum recovers in hospital. He wants people young and old to listen and follow the guidelines.


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.@SavannahGuthrie: “You could clear this up tonight by just releasing your tax returns yourself.” President Trump: “As you know, I’m under audit.” Savannah: “The IRS says that doesn’t stop you from releasing.” #TrumpTownHall 

Just hours after Senate Democrats deemed "sexual preference" an offensive term during Amy Coney Barrett's hearing, Merriam-Webster actually CHANGED its definition of "preference" to align with the Democrats! Do we need any more proof we're living in 1984?

@michellemalkin  says "Denver's downtown has become a dangerous war zone for journalists because of BLM and Antifa violence, not because of Trump-supporting law and order patriots." [Via Sovereign Nation on Newsmax TV: ]

‘Veterans like me have not forgotten about [the Russian bounty scandal] and we still want answers’ Russia reportedly put bounties on the heads of U.S. soldiers, and Pres. Trump did nothing. This veteran refuses to stay silent.

A Hong Kong protester dubbed "Grandma Wong" says Chinese authorities kept her in custody for a month and a half across the border in Shenzhen, where she allegedly suffered mental abuse, and was then prevented from coming back for over a year

Lou says the Big Tech oligarchs pose a direct threat to our democracy and are working to suppress any dissent of China Joe Biden. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Biden lashes out at CBS reporter when asked about NY Post report: 'I have no response, another smear campaign' #FoxNews 

'Piers Morgan and Keir Starmer have called for a second lockdown. Neither of them is likely to lose their jobs, let alone their homes, in the next 12 months"

"The president comes from a world where he lives in a building with his name on it and he doesn't care how this is going to affect everyday people," Pete Buttigieg says, discussing the economic downturn amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many African countries have been praised for waging an effective campaign to combat the spread of coronavirus despite their reputation for having fragile state health systems. Here are 5 reasons why Africa appears to be the least impacted region so far.