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“As the web reshapes our world, we have a responsibility to make sure it works for all of humanity, not just a privileged few.” States, institutions, and citizens have a huge role to play. Read @timberners_lee  full remarks at the @Europarl_EN  here:

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#UK Latin American Womens Aid (LAWA) phone 02072750321 email advic @lawadv website ; Mon-Fri 10:00 - 5:00

For rape and abuse victims in South Africa, call Stop Women Abuse at this toll-free helpline: 0800 150 150

"The more that members of the media expose false, misleading, or manipulative claims for what they are, the less likely it is for Americans to fall for Trump’s insidious tactics on and after Election Day.”

Americans are grappling with intensifying calls to remake the criminal justice system. We asked people behind bars to weigh in.

“He wanted a dog that would bite a Black person. But he didn’t say it that nice.” One town’s police dog sent nine people to the hospital in one year, sometimes for minor offenses or for no crime at all. All but one of those mauled were Black.

We are proud to endorse Marijuana Legalization in #NewJersey  - Public Question 1 - generating much-needed tax revenue, and eliminating the criminalization of a non-violent, minor offense. #OrganizeToWin  #CriminalJusticeReform  @ORNJ_Official  Phonebank:

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“We must act, and we must act now, to connect all of the world and fight tirelessly for a better web for everyone.” - Sir@timberners_lee 

In a lawsuit filed last week, the US Department of Justice accused Google of maintaining an illegal monopoly on online search and advertising. @dibartz  and @davidshepardson  on @Reuters  #TheWebThisWeek 

On October 29, 1969, the internet era began as @UCLA  Computer Science Professor Len Kleinrock sent the first message on ARPANET, a network of computers that would evolve to become the internet. #InternetDay 

🌐 Internet shutdowns 🛑 Violate human rights 🛑 Put people in danger 🛑 Harm the economy #KeepItOn 

The internet and the web it enabled have changed billions of lives for the better. But 3.5 billion people still don’t have internet access. And without urgent action, we won’t reach universal connectivity until after 2050. That’s nowhere near good enough.

And while more than half of the world is now connected to the internet, the digital divide is more than the online/offline binary. To really tackle digital inequality, policy goals must also consider the quality of access people have.

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As more people connect to the internet and the web, it must also be something worth having. Our online world must be SAFE and EMPOWERING for EVERYONE.

The enforcement of content moderation policies is unequal — geographically, and often between activists and perpetrators of abuse — and this must change.

To do that, we urgently need an ambitious, coordinated effort to make sure that everyone can access the benefits of digital technology. The Contract for the Web will help us get there — the first global plan of action for the web we want.


Scoops of the Week

"We need to face this turmoil with a renewed effort to remake the world for the better. It is time to accelerate the building of a world where everyone — especially young women and girls — can access a safe and empowering web." - Sir@timberners_lee 

📅 TODAY at 15.00 (UTC+01): Watch web inventor and our co-founder @timberners_lee  at the internet as a human right dialogue between @Europarl_EN  @EP_President  @DavidSassoli , @EU_Commission  @UvdLeyen , Professor Romano Prodi, and Simona Levi.

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@team_markup 's new initiative to measure how disinformation travels across social media platforms will pay 1,200 people in the US to download a browser plugin that will monitor the algorithms that determine what we see on our feed #TheWebThisWeek .

Want to make your online life a bit more private? Check out this guide for privacy-minded web browsers. @SaraMorrison  on @Recode  #TheWebThisWeek 

The sudden shift to online learning platforms is producing a lost generation of children. Already disadvantaged by poverty and inequity, they are now in danger of falling further behind. #TheWebThisWeek 

As voters are set to head to the polls across the globe before the year ends, the threat of internet shutdowns is on the rise. Here's how we can urge governments not to flip the internet kill switch. @accessnow  #TheWebThisWeek 

“As the web reshapes our world, we have a responsibility to make sure it works for all of humanity, not just a privileged few.” Nations, institutions, and citizens have a huge role to play. Read @timberners_lee  full remarks at the @Europarl_EN  here:

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Inability to afford a basic smartphone device could mean being cut off from vital information and services. Here are some policy tools that can help reduce the cost of devices and increase affordable access and #MeaningfulConnectivity  for all.