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More people illegally entered America today than the number of protesters at the J6 Capitol rally. The MSM gave the barely attended rally WAY more coverage. Because that’s how bias works.

One year ago today, we lost the notorious Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was a fierce advocate for women. Through all who she lifted up, her legacy and fearless spirit continue to live on.

Captain Amarinder Singh hits out at Navjot Singh Sidhu in an exclusive conversation with India Today, says "I will oppose him tooth and nail" @nabs5 ) #itvideoi #punjab #punjabpoliticss #amarindersingh'>Poli #ITVideoi #Punjab #PunjabPoliticss #AmarinderSingh#Exclusive 

Voter suppression and voter intimidation are poisonous to our democracy. Luckily, we have an antidote: The #FreedomToVote  Act, which will preserve a health democracy for future generations. We must get this done.

On average, women are paid 16% less than men. For women of colour, immigrant women & women with children, the difference is even greater. On Saturday's #EqualPayDay , join @UN_Women  in demanding equal pay for all.

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Biden’s vaccine mandate demands Americans to bend to his will regardless of natural immunity or their decision not to take it because they don’t have to. His mandate is unconstitutional. Period.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie: What do we know about their disappearance?

Punjab thriller ends, Captain quits; other top news stories | #ITLivestream 

Thank you to the members of the POW*MIA Awareness Rally Corp. of Pocatello, Idaho, and other similar groups for your unwavering commitment to keeping the need to bring all missing American servicemembers home at the forefront of our national focus.


Scoops of the Day

Anyone else think it's problematic that members of Congress can freely own defense contractor stocks that see massive returns when we engage in endless, unwinnable wars?

Once again, another week has gone by, and Louis DeJoy is still postmaster general. How is this not a national scandal?

Welcome to our newest @SDGAdvocates : Nobel Peace Laureate@k_satyarthi , STEM activist @chica_rosadita , @Microsoft  President@BradSmi  & pop superstars @BLACKPINK ! They are joining a group of inspiring people raising awareness about the #GlobalGoals .

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Journalists, should ask: did Joe Biden personally approve the drone strike that killed 7 children and an aid worker?

Blessed by @GOPLeader  McCarthy, Radical Republicans are celebrating cop killers & terrorists at the US Capitol. McCarthy condones this as many injured Jan. 6 officers have not yet returned to work. This is like holding a 9/11 vigil…for the hijackers. Nice work, Kevin.

Canada goes to the polls Monday. There's one party that stood up for working people in the pandemic. One leader who has the courage to make the wealthy pay their fair share so everyone gets the medication they need. That's why I support the @NDP_HQ  @jagmeetNDPnd  .

WATCH: A firsthand look at Joe Biden’s horrific border crisis in Del Rio, Texas.

Blue check-mark Libs demanding Biden have full open borders. They see nothing wrong with 10,500 illegal immigrants massing under the Del Rio bridge, and 1000s more coming every day. This is not “enlightened.” It’s inhumane & barbaric. #BidenBorderCrisis 

Addressing healthcare workers and vaccine beneficiaries of Goa.


Scoops of the Week

NEWS: Music stars @BTS_twt  will join world leaders at the UN on Monday to show support for the #GlobalGoals  & help inspire ambitious action to create better future for all. Don't miss their very special musical performance!

My remarks at the SCO-CSTO Outreach Summit on Afghanistan.

Let me ask you a question. Are you satisfied with a system that allows the pharmaceutical industry to charge you $98 for the same vial of insulin that the Canadian people get for about $12?

Wishing my friend @JustinTrudeau  the best in Canada’s upcoming election. Justin has been an effective leader and strong voice for democratic values, and I’m proud of the work we did together.

Thank you to Angelina Jolie for coming in today to talk about the fight to reauthorize VAWA in the Senate and how we can help support research on diagnosing injuries from domestic violence and child abuse to help survivors.

ICYMI: Joe Manchin founded two coal companies in the 1980s, which are led today by his son. His family’s fortune relies on allowing the fossil fuel industry to keep wreaking havoc on our planet.

Inaugurating Defence Offices Complexes in New Delhi.

More the 650,000 memorial white flags - one for every American death to COVID-19 - being installed on the National Mall

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We need a foreign sec who will raise climate at every meeting with other foreign ministers Instead we have one who struck out all references to climate from trade deal with Australia#LizTruss  The UK’s climate reputation as #COP26  hosts just got even worse

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Along with the FBI lawyer who previously pled guilty for lying to the FISA court to spy on ex-Trump campaign official Carter Page, it's clear that much of the criminality of Russiagate was not from any Trump/Russia collusion but by those who fabricated this conspiracy theory.