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Retirement is a moving target for workers today, as revealed in a survey of nearly 27,000 people in 18 countries. Sponsored by @blackrock 

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The time is here—"About Time: Fashion and Duration" is now on view.✨ ⁣⁣⁣ In honor of The Met's 150th anniversary, #MetAboutTime  traces a century and a half of fashion—from 1870 to the present—along a disruptive timeline. #Met150 

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BTS gets a shoutout on Ralph Lauren's earnings release. Cup of milk, let's rock and roll.

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LVMH and Tiffany have filed for an order of dismissal with the court. This yearlong M&A saga is winding down.

Singer @JJ_Lin  joins us for the #PinkPony  20th anniversary wearing the Pink Pony Live Love Tee of which 100% of the purchase price is donated to the Pink Pony Fund of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation or to an international network of cancer charities

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Mercury retrograde ends on November 3 … but we won’t be out of the clear #ElectionDay 

Happy #NationalCatDay  to this 1870 ceramic cat who is d e e p l y d i s p l e a s e d

It's not a rapper thing. It's a rich-people-who-live-in-a-bubble thing.

“That look on her face was a look we'd seen before when people in charge make outrageous statements. She doesn't say anything, but we know the look...and it was exactly déjà vu. But what do you do when the president talks about injecting bleach?"

Hey @Azure  peeps! Elsa@Nithya_123  and I have a cool idea for our virtual friends! *HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE AZURE* With folks from all over, lots of languages, many countries, there are no wrong answers! Reply with a nice landscape video and we'll make something special!

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Scoops of the Week

People still need haircuts! Find out if a recession resistant, repeat customer business based on value and convenience makes sense for you. Own a Great Clips salon and start your multi-unit, legacy business today. (Sponsored by @GreatClips )

Could Covid-19 Be An Opportunity For International Startups In New York?

3 Ways Great Leaders Have Evolved in the Wake of Covid-19

#ecommerce sales will make up 22% of sales by the year 2023. Prepare your business for digital transformation with vetted #Shopify  freelancers, on-demand. Learn how we can help your business tap into the ecommerce market:

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From Upstart to Unicorn: Leadership Lessons From the Growth-Stage Battleground | by @capitalgtweets 

How Instagram Fueled My Journey From Entrepreneur to TV Host | by @SimonettaLein 

Actor #VikrantMassey  talks about starring in female-led films and his career path so far. "Women are now telling their stories and now we have more women in positions of power… I would work with these talented individuals at the drop of the hat," he says.

Mark Meadows talked to the press this morning&said again abt Covid: "We're not going to control it." He also said of the superspreader event last month, there were "as many as three different areas where the virus actually infected different people within the White House." Cool.