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Winter swimmers would not benefit from extra Ringsend sewage plant cleaning

Inside Politics: Things could get frosty at Prague EU summit

Thornley on alarming study for rugby; Mic the GAA referees up on matchday

How big pharma keeps drug prices higher for longer

Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine liberates more settlements in Kherson

A probe has been initiated by #India 's drug regulator after the #WHO  issued an alert saying cough syrups manufactured by an Indian firm could potentially be linked to the death of children in The Gambia, official sources said.

A month before #Egypt  hosts the #UN  climate change conference, #Cairo  is finalising the list of world leaders coming as it weathers criticism over its human rights and environmental records.


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‘It was never mentioned again’: The recently deceased Brian Mullins was sent off for punching his Galway rival but the duo remained friends

Man stabbed to death, wife seriously injured, at Kerry funeral

Kathy Sheridan on Liz Truss and UK politics: Give me a boring politician any day of the week

Ukraine faces pivotal few weeks in war with Russia, allies say

Part of Dublin’s original sea wall dating back to the late 1720s has been uncovered by Dublin Port authorities.

Suggestions for gay-coded characters (yes, I'm writing about Velma). Preferably not in comics or kids' stuff.

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Co Meath native was a serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kharkiv region

Michael McDowell: The UK has utterly degraded its internal systems of governmental checks and balances


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Dublin Rape Crisis Centre says over half of 14,000 calls to helpline last year were from first-time contacts

British minister apologises to Irish Government over Brexit negotiations

Capture of Lyman, a logistics and transport hub for Russia, would be a major setback for Putin

Stampede at Indonesian football match leaves 130 dead

Co Meath native was a serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kharkiv region,

Former Sinn Féin councillor faces spending the rest of his life in witness protection

Jim and Frank Flanagan tend to the 224 gas lamps that light the way for evening walkers in the urban park