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TB: ‘Treat social media companies as public interest companies. You can’t have a situation where the CEO of a company is deciding whether the President is allowed on social media.’

Canadians flocking to sun ☀️ destinations despite recommendations to stay home: 1,500 flights ✈️ and counting since Oct. 1 via news @CBC  @mattgallowaycbc  #Covid19 

"Unless priorities change … barriers are here to stay. "The limited ambition of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement in addressing trade barriers between the EU and the UK … is a direct consequence of political decisions made by the UK and the EU.

A year ago I wrote about a mysterious pneumonia causing havoc in Wuhan – here's how far science has come since then.

In 2020, #BLM  sparked a global conversation about race and inequality. The aid sector was no exception with growing calls for it to be decolonised. NEW #RethinkingHumanitarianism  w/ @Tammamo  on moving from dialogue to real policy change: @irinnews 

One year since we first reported on this coronavirus – what we've learned, and still need to know

Sally Rooney will be out with a new book in September called "Beautiful World, Where Are You". Hot diggity!


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1.8 billion ppl are at increased risk of #COVID19  and other diseases bc they use or work in health care facilities that lack basic #WASH  services. @aarinpalomares  reviews the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program’s new WASH data in this @fhi360research  post:

Biden including a $15 minimum wage in his stimulus plan is huge Biden moving to abolish the tipped minimum wage and sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities in his stimulus package is even bigger IMO

This tribute wall is just a symbol of how grateful we are for our U.S. Capitol Police and all they do to keep up safe. RT to show your support.

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Tomorrow, January 15th is the last day to apply for Global Citizen Year Academy. We've put together a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and we don't want you to miss it! Apply Now! #LeadershipInAction  #TheAcademy  #GlobalCitizenYear  #YoungLeaders 

#HSR researchers & policymakers can explore group practices' cost, quality info thanks to new data on practices and their affiliations from the #AHRQ  Compendium of U.S. Health Systems

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oh. my. GOD. Javanka wouldn't let their Secret Service detail use any of their SIX bathrooms, so they had to go to neighbors INCLUDING THE OBAMAS to find a toliet. Finally rented a studio, at taxpayer expense. THEY ARE THE WORST

Nurses are now reporting PTSD symptoms due to the pandemic – adding to exhaustion and low pay. A new study has found that 40% of ICU staff in England are suffering from symptoms consistent with PTSD.

Check out #AHRQ  PSNet featured research on delivering care in the setting of #COVID-19  resource limitations, reducing inappropriate outpatient medication prescribing, and incorporating #patientsafety  training into medical education.

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Are you in Ontario and working a job that you don't think is essential but you've been told by your employer to physically go to in to work because they've deemed it essential you be there in person? My DMs are open if you'd like me to anonymously share your experiences.


Scoops of the Week

@CoriBush4Senate  is a complete breath of fresh air. As @chrislhayesed  by about GOP members evading metal detectors she starts off with "first of all, THIS IS A JOB. you work at McDonald's and you don't wear the uniform, you don't work today....Have these people ever had a job?"

I discussed tomorrow’s impeachment vote tonight with @CNN’s@ErinBurnett . Tomorrow, I hope that every Member honors their oath to our country and Constitution and votes to hold this President accountable for inciting an attack on democracy.

The virus says, “Thank you, Americans, for being such wonderful and gracious hosts to me, allowing me to thrive and evolve, and outrun your vaccine trickery to defeat me.”

. @markfollman ⁩ on how worried National security experts are about complicity within law enforcement and how Trump should be treated like a terrorist leader

Based on findings, Andrew A Sayampanathan et al. suggest contact tracing should proactively seek people with #asymptomatic  #COVID19  to minimise cases and transmission. Read the Correspondence:

3️⃣ factors that can help you make safe choices when you're in an area of widespread #COVID19  transmission: (1) Location (2) Proximity with others (3) Time you spend there

I went long on why we should abolish the lame duck period. Joe Biden should have been sworn in as fast as the states could certify his victory.

Have you heard the news? Learn more in our latest episode of Ocean Witness and hear from climate activists and experts to understand more what is needed to save our future >

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Staffers Begged Melania to Intercede with Trump During Riots — She Refused and Continued Her Photoshoot via @nicolejames 

❌ No, a man at the Capitol insurrection did not die of a heart attack after tasering himself in the testicles.

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