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🐍Did you spot a venomous snake?🐍 Take a picture (safely!) & submit it to our Snakebite Information & Data Platform. Help our experts map out the habitat of venomous snakes to make snakebite treatment available faster and save lives. ▶️

What good are the policies protecting Europe’s remaining old-growth #forests , if the people protecting them are in danger? The attacks against forest defenders have intensified in #Romania  in the past years amid increasing illegal logging cases.

"It was a complete & utter colossal waste of a good life..." "'Misinformation can kill people': Friends and family grieve loss of loved ones who refused #COVID  vaccines" by Let's all do our be @BradyStrachant  to help others ! #ScienceUpFirst 

The #ClimateCrisis  is one of the main drivers of global hunger. Climate shocks - such as drought, storms and floods - are increasingly putting lives and livelihoods at risk, and eroding development. #UNGA76 

3.4 million 18 to 24 year olds have already had their first COVID-19 jab. Students going back to uni, like Patricia, can get their first or second dose at pop-up sites, pharmacies, GP practices, or vaccination centres in their university town or city. 🎓

There is no cure for silicosis, so prevention is essential. If you work in construction, mitigate dust by wetting down materials or using local exhaust ventilation (such as vacuum systems), using sweeping powder, & using dust & water controls appropriately

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Children are heading back to school and the nation is working to rebuild, but far too many children are still suffering from hunger. Use your voice to help #NoKidHungry  #RebuildWith  the promise of a more secure future. Join us:

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Use these 7 tips to integrate behavioral health care into your #privatepractice .

What to eat (and what not to eat) for a healthy heart with Dr. @maya_vadiveloo . #FamilyMealsMonth 


Scoops of the Day

New #AHRQ  Issue Brief identifies key gaps in the diagnostic process & opportunities for improvement in obstetrics. Learn more. #WorldPatientSafetyDay 

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The Pfizer Booster Shot Is Only Being Recommended For People 65 And Over

In a separate letter, Zhiqiang Wu et al. write, "There is yet insufficient evidence to determine whether the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2 was in China or elsewhere ", and suggest its origin should be investigated worldwide for future #pandemic  prevention.

Moderna Leads The Authorized COVID Vaccines In Lasting Effectiveness

#AHRQ funds research to make care safer for mothers & babies. Learn about one of our projects to improve #maternalhealth  as we observe World Patient Safety Day.

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Learn about the current phase of work for #AHRQ 's Safety Program for Perinatal Care, which builds on the lessons learned from the initial program launch in 2014. #WorldPatientSafetyDay 

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Breaking from @inspiration4x  Mission Control. #Inspiration4  Crew member Hayley gave St. Jude patients a special tour of the cupola, the biggest window to ever go to space!

Japanese Centenarians live to an average age of 107 & now science has determined a piece of their secret: not the amount but the composition of microbes in their gut Less diversity in the types of gut bacteria has been linked with frailty in older adults

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@US_FDA  Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee #VRBPAC ) voted unanimously today to recommend the FDA grant EUA Emergency Use Authorization for a #booster  dose of our #COVID19  vaccine for individuals 65+ and those at high risk of severe COVID-19.


Scoops of the Week

Where were you on 24 September 2018? Welcome back to #UNGA , @BTS_twt  💜

Congratulations @BTS_twt ! Thank you for helping young people recognise their power to create positive change around the world.

What proportion of Americans have some Covid-19 immunity (natural infection or vaccine-induced) as of July 15, 2021? 62%, with marked variability by age groups by and colleagues @AnnalsofIM  @Alison_Galvani  @YaleSPH 

Young People Are Anxious About Climate Change And Say Governments Are Failing Them

🆕 WHO @ilo  study reveals that almost 2⃣ million people were killed by work-related diseases & injuries in 2016. Find out more in the first WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury 👉 #WorkersHealth 

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my cousin’s friend took the vaccine and two weeks later BOOM! he got bitten by a møøse. do your research.

The fact that the @GavinNewsom ’s margin was higher against the recall than his blowout vote for Governor in 2018 should tell folks that the GOP’s position on vaccine requirements is a losing one.

For 50 years, Greenpeace has faced every challenge with resolve. With a belief that we are building a community that can write the story of a safer, greener, more just future. That we are working together to empower every person to keep hoping, to keep dreaming, to #KeepFighting 

Plastic production worsens the climate crisis and places vulnerable populations further at risk. Check out @greenpeaceusa 's brand new report to learn how @CocaCola , @pepsi  & @Nestle  are driving demand for fossil fuels. #BreakFreeFromPlastic 

Right now, Congress is working on a budget #reconciliation  bill, and it’s a critical moment to #RebuildWith  and invest in our nation's kids. Learn more and take action for solutions that must be included in the bill to help end child hunger and poverty: