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  3. thank you god for blessing me with another day of life!!!!
Thank You God For Blessing Me With Another Day Of Life!!!!


Let people of faith join in prayer & meditation for our country this weekend. The powers of the soul will prevail, but only if we invoke them. Dear God, May the angels of our better nature so fill our minds as to cast out all darkness. Lift up our hearts, life up our nation. Amen
.@BigReidRadio in studio for the rest of the night! Getting ready to hook you up with tickets to #997SummerInTheCity + Meet & Greets for ! Ma@PRETTYMUCHke sure you're listening! Good Luck!
Don’t miss your chance!!
The Black Thunders are at Hornsby Train Station with @glamcornerau vouches ready for you to claim! #BlackThundersareback
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Oh my madpics such a lovely afternoon with you,wow what an amazing lady you are,thank you #girlssupportgirls #truth💯 #finallywemeet https://t.co/OoXkWLv7EE
My son spent the afternoon with my mom and I tasked him with being her official photographer for the day! I was shocked with how good an eye he has!!!! #MyLittlePaparazzo https://t.co/1urueKSOnL
Making history in Biloxi, Mississippi with @ilov305official. Thank you Hard Rock, Gracias @HRHCBiloxi. Looking forward to opening the
@HardRockHCAC in Atlantic City. Here’s the new Biloxi slogan: Welcome to Biloxi where anything can happen! Dale! #iLov305
More AR dog action with Google Measure. You can see how it figures out the plane of the plane of the ground. Also, for the record, our dog is ridiculously good looking.
Here's another Dream Job alert for ya: @wow_air will PAY you and a friend $4000 a month to travel the world this summer. ✈️💫
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Keep a running tally of what is working in your life; what brings you peace and joy. For those things, pray in gratitude.
never see your kid again and their life is ruined as well? That is insane. That's like cutting off a hand for stealing a loaf of bread. And is this how you want your tax dollars spent? Millions that could be going to our own citizens? It's insanithttps://t.co/4AeSG66xcwy
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