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Asked about his relationship w/ black residents in South Bend, @PeteButtigieg  touts the city’s response to a police shooting this summer, including 8 community meetings set up w/ the police disciplinary board. He missed all but one of those meetings

my college friend just told me she donated to her first ever political campaign @BernieSanders).  When I asked why she said:

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Mark Mellman has denied that @DemMaj4Israel,  which ran the first ads attacking @BernieSanders  by name last week, is affiliated with @AIPAC.  But the ties between the two groups run deep, including a lucrative relationship with his consulting firm

Guess who plagiarized parts of at least eight policy plans @MikeBloomberg 

One of the more egregious examples IMO: two complete grafs lifted from this @CNN  op-ed by @MichaelSLinden  . Bloomberg campaign has since cut this from their plan:

Biden literally yelling to get due credit for setting up drug courts is.......something

The subtext of Buttigieg’s answer Friday harkened back to an old trope of tough-on-crime politics: that black people commit more crimes

The View’s @sunny  to @amyklobuchar  on using Myon Burrell case in 06 campaign & since: “It gives me no pleasure to say this because as you know, I was a prosecutor as well … it is one of the most flawed investigations & prosecutions that I think I have ever seen.”

DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos called for California’s congressional delegation to meet at 5pm to discuss CA-25 (Katie Hill’s old seat)