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"I will spend part of the day doing something I’ve never done before on Thanksgiving. I will call a number of people in my life to whom I owe so much. I will thank them for their love and kindness and remind them that I’m so very glad they were born." ❤️

Deputy Prime Minister@cafreeland  began her news conference telling small businesses we wil lget through this together. Applications are open for the new rent subsidy #cdnpoli 

Since the release of "The Queen's Gambit" on Netflix, a show about a female player's rise through the male-dominated chess world, sales of chess set sales have skyrocketed

India to export smartphones worth Rs 11,113 crore in 2020: techARC

“You are at all times independent. This absolute freedom of the cyclist can be known only to the initiated.” An 1896 manifesto for bicycling as the miraculous machine of self-reliance

On top of the new rent subsidy, legislation passed last week also extends the wage subsidy until next summer. Deputy PM @cafreeland  says as we head into a difficult winter, this support is going to be crucial #cdnpoli 

Middle Eastern Christians Need Our Help. Can We Be Courageous? | via @kathrynlopez 

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Taylor Swift's catalog came up (again), Dua Lipa levitated and hip-hop got more airtime. Here are 5 memorable moments from the American Music Awards.

Chicago reached 700 homicides this year during a violent weekend that saw six killed and 46 wounded — the second time the city reached the milestone in two decades.

Alan Kinkade greets his grandson at the airport after 6 months apart on November 23 in Sydney, Australia. New South Wales reopened its border to Victoria, allowing people to travel freely for the first time since #COVID19  border restrictions began. 📸: Brook Mitchell

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Scoops of the Day

Breaking overnight: Oxford University and AstraZeneca announce their coronavirus vaccine works and is at least 70 percent effective. @tomcostellonbc  has the latest.

Welcome back, @alroker ! We're so glad to see Al back in Studio 1A and recovering well after having surgery for prostate cancer.

"What I'm hoping now is that we will extend these protections nationwide," says Judge Esther Salas. She speaks to us after a law in New Jersey was passed in her son's honor to protect the private information of public officials.

An incredible video out of Florida shows the lengths one dog owner would go to save his little puppy from the jaws of an alligator. @joefryer  has more.

President-elect Joe Biden is set to announce his first cabinet picks tomorrow, focusing on diplomacy and national security.

Two more members of congress have announced they have tested positive for COVID-19. In the last 10 days alone, nine congressional representatives have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

An investigation is underway following a shooting in Hackney that has left a woman in a life-threatening condition in hospital @itvlondon 

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Encouraging PMI data - still down but by less than was feared. Suggests that second lockdown will do less economic damage (possibly because people aren't actually locking down as much...)

I love that literally the only non-political Twitter accounts that @RishiSunak  follows are @SouthhamptonFC  and @mattletiss7 


Scoops of the Week

A Christmas miracle! Charlie Brown holiday specials will air on TV, after all

This morning, the search continues for the shooter who opened fire in a Milwaukee mall Friday afternoon. Eight people were rushed to the hospital. @shaqbrewster  has the latest.

Like most people who worked on diaries/gossip columns, I love the idea of a simple anecdote conveying more about a person than a whole volume of biography. When Boris Johnson encounters a bully, he moves to protect the bully & insult her victims. Shame on every MP enabling him.

Surveillance cameras caught an amazing rescue in Florida when a man jumped into a pond after an alligator grabbed his puppy.

Apple will pay $113 million to settle a case alleging it slowed down iPhones to mask battery issues and get users to purchase a new device.

The kindest thing you can do for the people you care about is to become a happy, joyous person. ~ Brian Tracy

Scathing from @WSJ  on the Tories' tax plans. 'Anyone who thinks the U.K. would prosper by adopting the highest capital-gains tax rate in the developed world—and by doing so right after Brexit—has been in lockdown too long.'

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The record surge in coronavirus cases has hospitals at a breaking point once again. Many face unprecedented staffing shortages, especially in rural communities being hit hard by the virus for the first time. @gabegutierrez  reports.

So telling that our minister for mental health and suicide prevention has spent the last few days tweeting in defence of a colleague whose behaviour was found to be ‘bullying’.