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How the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine works and why it matters

EY reaches deal to give staff legal protection during Wirecard inquiry

The shift to remote work carries an inherent risk

Save the planet? The job of central banks is to combat sluggish global growth – not take up causes #climatechange  #ESG  #banking 

Something is fishy about all these Biden picks. They all have relevant experience for the job and seem extremely impressive. 🤔

A career diplomat with four decades of experience in the U.S. Foreign Service, Amb. @LindaT_G  represents the very best of America — and her leadership at the UN would underscore that diversity is one of our greatest strengths as a country. Congrats LTG!

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Watch chilling video from #Nigeria , showing Nigerian soldiers brutalizing a man in #Obigbo . Where is Sleepy @MBuhari  as his military runs wild in Obigbo?

Citizens of the greatest Republic in history: meet your proposed “Climate Czar”...

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Scoops of the Day

Netanyahu took secret flight to Saudi Arabia to meet crown prince

AstraZenaca vaccine trial shows 90% efficacy when given as a half dose, followed by a full dose one month later. 62% efficacy in a separate trial with two full doses one month apart. Combined efficacy estimate is 70%, but could presumably be higher

AstraZeneca and Oxford university say vaccine shows high efficacy

Vaccine contracts shrouded in secrecy despite massive public funding

The other positive spin is that the trial with the higher efficacy allows for more people to be vaccinated (1.5 doses instead of 2)

Barack Obama’s A Promised Land — the thrill of the journey

One of those weird things where you'd have bitten someone's hand off for trials with 90% and 62% efficacy a month ago but it's now a disappointment in relative terms.

Not entirely sure what a #SpendingReview  is? 🤔 Watch this video to learn more. 👇

The Sidney Powell situation is classic Trump. Coerce people into lying, and then fire them for following his instructions. A death cult where everyone drinks the poison except for him.

Today we announced high-level results from the AstraZeneca@UniofOxford  #COVID19  vaccine clinical trials.

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Scoops of the Week

Johnson has known for months that the bullying charge against Priti Patel was not going away; leadership is about letting go those who fail and lining up successors. Now she has been found guilty but exonerated via sophistry, PM looks weak and guilty of double standards

NEW—UK’s #COVID19  vaccine shows similar safety and immunogenicity results in healthy older adults (aged 56 years & over) to those seen in adults aged 18-55 years: finding from a single-blind, randomised, controlled, phase 2 trial

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Oxford vaccine: "Adults aged 56-69 and over 70 had a similar immune response to younger adults aged 18-55." "Two weeks after the second dose, more than 99% of participants had neutralising antibody responses. These included people of all ages."

Admit it, THIS is the ONLY reason you are on @Twitter 

Lots of reasons Latinos rally to Trump: religious liberty, Second Amendment, strong borders. But, the most powerful propellant: results for the economic strivers, here’s the data... #ChalkTalk 

It was "incalculable" on May 24th. The loss of 250, 000 Americans as of Nov 18th is indescribable. Unfathomable. And mostly preventable.

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Lots of terrific economic news this week, including soaring Existing Home Sales. There’s an economic renaissance flourishing in America — let’s continue it with a second Trump Term. #SuperV  #ChalkTalk 

Sydney Powell UNLOADING on the technology used in voting machines RIGHT NOW. Wow.

Did y’all know that me and former President@BarackObama  weren’t even in the same room for this interview? He was in D.C. and I was in California. But thanks to the power of technology (and @DrewBarrymore ), now I may never leave my house 😂

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Federal Judge dismisses lawsuit to block election result certification