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It is high time there was a carbon tax!

Energy usage trend over past few months is insane

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Alibaba reports Q4 net loss of $836M as the massive antitrust fine it received last month weighed on earnings, and revenue of $28.6B, up 64% YoY@ArjunKharpal  / CNBC)

Why did it take @CDCgov  til May 13 to recommend the vaccinated be liberated? Because it was unclear if vaccines protect against transmission—not just harboring the virus in your nose—but spreading it It's abundantly clear now, at least w/ mRNA vaccines, that transmission is rare

Karma, a drug-sniffing K9, has alerted handler to the presence of drugs in every single car sniff he's been involved in — yet police found drugs in only 29% of cars searched. An excellent @reason  story about the use of dogs as 'probable cause on four legs'

Imagine thinking that rental car companies liquidating their fleets last spring (because they were in a cash crunch and didn't expect a rapid rebound in demand) is a reason to tighten monetary and fiscal policy today.

"The real question is can we afford not to do this?" says @SecretaryPete  on the infrastructure plan. "We should be concentrating on how we deliver good policies that meet the moment and make life better."

Arizona now the 13th state to say it will cut off the extra $300 in weekly jobless aid. It will throw in a $2,000 back to work bonus; it is keeping the two expanded federal programs.

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regular people: hi XXX hope you're staying healthy in these extraordinary times Carson Block:

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Scoops of the Week

NEW—More nurses lead to fewer patient deaths and readmissions, shorter hospital stays, and cost-savings for hospitals, suggests study of recent Australian state policy to introduce a minimum ratio of one nurse to four patients for day shifts. Read .

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Its not just vaccines: "The 3 largest makers of N95 respirator masks, 3M, Honeywell & Kimberly-Clark, have tightly held multiple patents on masks. Critical shortages of PPE & ventilators partly due to exclusive rights that IP confers."

Crypto start-up Dfinity set to launch blockchain rival to AWS

Unintentionally hilarious headline. Yeah, he's gonna have a tough fight against the Revolutionary KMT candidate in the Sichuan primaries.

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NHS England says bookings for COVID jabs will open for those in their 30s tomorrow morning - online booking from 7am - 38/39 year olds to get text messages inviting them to book

Do you want Tesla to accept Doge?

Today, FDA expanded the EUA for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for the prevention of #COVID19  to include adolescents 12-15 years of age. FDA amended the EUA issued on Dec. 11, 2020 for administration in individuals 16 years of age and older.

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Here's the man who financed Chinese research into bat coronavirus genetic engineering. He also holds a patent on inputs to the Moderna vaccine. His name is Anthony Fauci, the biggest liar in government. Are you still listening to him?

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Dogecoin surges after Elon Musk asks Twitter if Tesla should accept the token as payments