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By refusing to raise the debt limit, @HouseGOP  & @SenateGOP  are refusing to vote for: ❌Paying our troops ❌Social Security & Medicare payments ❌Child Tax Credit payments ❌Protecting 6 million jobs They’re holding hostage our troops, our seniors, our kids, and our livelihoods.

Student debt has become not a ladder up, but an anchor weighing Americans down—making it harder to start a family, buy a home, and live with financial independence. President Biden can #CancelStudentDebt  and provide relief to the millions of borrowers drowning in debt.

The American people deserve a thorough investigation into @facebook ’s willingness and eagerness to mislead the public about the risks of their own products.

Remind me what the whole point of Brexit was again, @BorisJohnson .

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I want to thank Premiers @francoislegault , @jjhorgan , @DougFord2014 , a @FureyAndrewd  for reaching out today — I'm looking forward to continuing to work together to deliver for Canadians.

As hospitalizations in Minnesota rise, it’s more important now than ever to get your vaccine. It will save lives. Protect yourself and your family.

This should be a bombshell report. A letter from recently retired U.S. border patrol chief warns Congress is getting factually incorrect information. To say the border is closed is a lie. This administration is denying reality and it's dangerous to our nation.

@PresElectBid  #UNGA76n  before : I’m here today to share with you how the United States intends to work with partners and allies to answer these questions and the commitment of my new administration to help lead the world toward a more peaceful, prosperous future for all people.

The author of the Trump Coup Memo did a big right wing media tour just before 1/6. I think it's a big problem that right wing media outlets are helping launder and elevate elaborate bad-faith legal theories designed to fake-justify overturning elections:


Scoops of the Day

"I was talking last week to someone whose brother was executed in front of his wife and children for being a member of Afghan special forces" Tory MP Johnny Mercer reacts to data breach involving email addresses of Afghan interpreters who worked for UK

Not only is the Government using #ElectionsBill  to suppress the vote, it is also crushing our only elections which aren't run under deeply unfair & undemocratic first-past-the-post system Why? Because when elections are fair, the Tories don't tend to win

Today PM @BorisJohnson  and Foreign Sec @trussliz  travel to Washington DC for meetings with @SenKama @PresElectBidenlaHarris and . The UK GB and US US are strong friends, partners and allies. We are #ForceForGoodworking  together as a to tackle the most pressing global issues.

Today is #WorldAlzheimersDay2021  - a good day for the Government to make good on its promise to search for treatments with its *Dementia Moonshot* & actually provide some funding for it @ARUKnews  @alzheimerssoc  @UKDRI 

Public sector net debt excluding public sector banks was £2,202.9 billion at the end of August 2021 or around 97.6 of GDP, the highest ratio since the 98.3% recorded in March 1963

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Govt failure to rule out new Cambo oil field flies in face of scientific evidence that there must be no new oil & gas if we're to keep to 1.5C & sends terrible message to other countries ahead of COP26 First rule of diplomacy: Walk Your Talk @fossiltreaty  #StopCambo  @StopCambo 

World leaders have a small window of time left to deliver on their climate commitments ahead of @ukcop26 . The UK will be making the case for action on climate change this week #UNGAt 

Thank you 🙏to @globalactplan  for supporting the petition for a #WellbeingEconomy  Only a few days left to sign the petition demanding Parliament debate how we provide for everyone's needs without destroying our planet✍️

Covid bereaved families group told it can attend Conservative conference, after initially being banned from the event


Scoops of the Week

hey @michaelgove  instead of removing Local Government from your Dept’s title & replacing it with vague Tory soundbite, how about reversing the 50% cuts to Local Govt inflicted in last decade & reopening youth centres, libraries & other vital services?

#Marr says let’s talk about climate crisis, “as some people call it”. Yes, those people are the worlds scientists, the UN, and most governments - why the coyness? We face a #ClimateEmergency  & have no hope of addressing it unless we start by recognising it

Hey @michaelgove  - now you're Housing Secretary will you give back the £120k you've had from property developers this year alone? Just declaring a blatant conflict of interest doesn't remove it

🎥 This week, a new documentary celebrating the life and work of The Duke of Edinburgh will air in the UK. Members of the Royal Family including The Princess Royal and The Earl of Wessex share recollections of their father and in this unique tribute to His Royal Highness.

Govt's pledge to protect consumers from high gas prices would be more credible if Tories hadn't spent last 10 years shredding those commitments - eg zero carbon homes, green homes grant scheme No mention of energy efficiency in Minister's statement - extraordinary #GasCrisis 

Bulb - the UK's sixth-largest energy company - seeks bailout amid surging wholesale gas prices

What is wrong with the phrase, “woman adult human female”? Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey says the phrase "doesn't really encapsulate the debate... a trans woman is a woman, a trans man is a man" #Marr 

Shamefully UK banks pour billions into fossil fuels, blowing chances of limiting global heating to 1.5 As overseer of financial system, Bank of England must use its mandate to end this & support transition to net zero @PositiveMoneyUK  Me for @timesredbox 

53 years ago, Bobby Kennedy recognised the idiocy of chasing endless economic growth Yet that remains governments’ priority. And it’s destroying our planet We have to change & Parliament should be debating this Sign here to demand it does✍️

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"We thought the world has stopped, but it continues to move forward. Every choice we make is the beginning of change." -- @BTS_twt  came to UNHQ to support action for the #GlobalGoals  & a better world for everyone. Watch their special musical performance and get inspired.