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The Ultimate Guide to Building a High-Performing Content Marketing Funnel (Sponsored by @semrush )

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will No Longer Accept Bitcoin Due to Environmental Concerns

Your Business Might Not Actually Be Profitable. Here's How to Fix It. | by @KevinLeyes 

Bill Gates Reportedly Told His Golf Buddies That His Marriage to Melinda Gates Was 'Loveless'

Why Sleep Health is More Essential Than Ever in the Wake of Covid-19 | by @JoaoRoter 

20 Habits That Prevent You From Being a Millionaire | by @johnrampton 

5 Ways Future Entrepreneurs Can Turn Vision into Reality | by @jasonhennessey 

3 Tips for Managing Your Business' Reputation Via Social Media | by @EchelonCopy 

5 Ways You Overcomplicate Your Morning Routine | by @LeahBorski 


Scoops of the Week

“Make your own choices” with regards to hugging was the PM’s edict in the latest announcement, encouraging the British public to use their common sense with regard to embracing our nearest and dearest

‘I’ve been dressing like the Duchess of Cambridge for 11 years – and I still buy almost everything she wears’

The cast of the BBC show frolic in the gardens of stately homes - and there'd be far worse ways to spend your summer

Britain's green spaces have never been so popular. Are we finally at one with nature — or using and abusing it? @IsabelHardman  reports

On this #Mothers Day, we celebrate the love, strength, and resilience of mothers around the world who have given of themselves in remarkable ways this year From our family to yours, Happy Mother’s Day

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Macy's is proposing a $235 million investment in the area around its New York HQ at Herald Square as it works to get city approvals to build a skyscraper atop its flagship store. Story from me, @JordynJournals  & @natalexisw . Renderings here:

A year after George Floyd's death, 15 mothers who lost their Black sons at the hands of police speak out about life after tragedy.

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Dessert is served Explore the Ralph Lauren Home Summer Hill collection:

When It Comes to Investing, Do You Think Like Warren Buffett or Elon Musk?