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Coroner found that 10 people killed in August 1971 were ‘entirely innocent.’ (via

Academic on €154,000 salary with no work to do accuses Nolan of being his ‘executioner’

Stephen Donnelly says he hopes deliveries come on time and jab targets can be met

Gardaí start investigation after discovering man’s body in Limerick

‘I’ve spent €55,000 in rent’: Millennials share experiences of the property crisis

No street furniture fees in Dublin until 2023, council says

Investigation of leak by Leo Varadkar to continue into summer

More lay-offs in aviation sector likely, Fórsa conference told

Scene Rooty Cross blaze sealed off for examination as gardaí appeal for witnesses


Scoops of the Week

A paper published in Nature reports a battery made from all organic materials, which can be degraded on-demand into environmentally friendly waste products.

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News & Views: Molecular crosslinks known as disulfides stabilize the 3D structures of many proteins, and sometimes regulate protein function. A Nature paper reports that another type of regulatory protein crosslink has been discovered.

For an object lesson in how to write perfect, seemingly effortless English prose, you’ll struggle to find anything better than @stephenfry ’s Introduction to ‘Christopher Hitchens: the last interview & other conversations’. Sentence after beautifully-turned, beguiling sentence.

In just a few weeks, the B.1.617 COVID-19 variant has become the dominant strain across India. Researchers want to know if this variant and others might be driving the second wave and what kind of danger they pose globally.

Beethoven was moved to tears while writing this late quartet movement, and you can understand why. And he would weep later when thinking about it and hearing it in his head. He never actually heard it, couldn’t hear it. Listen, and weep for Beethoven.

Molecular biologist @jptosar  talks about his work that aims to understand how cells talk to each other using their RNA.

OpenSAFELY is ONE YEAR OLD. 58 million NHS records. HUGELY secure. NO downloads. NO needlessly disclosive TRE access. ALL code SHARED for platform and analyses. TONS of papers. The POWER of DATA + OPEN. HERE'S HOW WE BUILT IT The human / technical tale

Cattle herders on the Arabian Peninsula built the world’s first large-scale monuments some 7,000 years ago, more than 4 millennia before the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids or Stonehenge rose on Britain’s plains. #ResearchHighlight 

Remote habitats called tropical cloud forests, which cling to misty mountains and tap humid air for water, are in decline. These habitats harbour around 15% of the global biodiversity of birds, mammals, amphibians and tree ferns. #ResearchHighlight 

Sudden marine heatwaves can devastate ecosystems, and scientists are scrambling to predict when they will strike.