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According to a poll, three in 10 Americans fear contracting Covid—marking the lowest fear level since the pandemic began

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Millennials are flocking to fixer-uppers because it's the only way some can afford a home

Sharri Markson exclusive on Chinese ‘bioweapons’ based on discredited 2015 book of conspiracy theories

Active Duty Marine Corps Officer Arrested For Allegedly Breaching The Capitol On Jan. 6

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‘Stop drinking fake coffee!’ Your most annoying things about TV

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother wants him to play for Sporting next season

The difference between proxy and VPN: Via @ForbesAdvisor 

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Handshake, a job search platform for college students, is valued at $1.5 billion after a new funding round

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Police charge 29 men over child sexual exploitation in West Yorkshire


Scoops of the Week

Stop violations in occupied East Jerusalem. Stop violations in occupied East Jerusalem. Stop violations in occupied East Jerusalem. #SheikhJarrah 

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Right now, thousands of people are risking everything in #Colombia  to hold their government to account for their actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand that the government end their crackdown on free expression. Take action.

Jerusalem crisis: Pleas for calm as violence escalates

I swear there’s a whole cottage industry around telling people to not freak out even after a @&# insurrection and the number 3 R is getting ousted this week and there are voter suppression laws passing across America. It is time to be alarmed. It is not always savvy to be chill.

@BorisJohnson 's government is prioritising: - Voter suppression - Reducing the power of the courts - Watering down Judicial Review and Human Rights The @Conservatives  are not levelling up the country. They are bringing us down by tearing out the foundations of our democracy.

Analysis: American officials call for “calm” in Israel. But the U.S. is part of the problem.

That pin-striped snake Jacob Rees-Mogg explaining how requiring voter ID at polling stations will prevent a problem that hasn't yet arisen made me choke on my lunch. It's a blatant attempt to stop poor people voting, and nothing else.

Republicans to Liz Cheney (with fingers in ears): "La-la-la, can't HEAR you! Can't HEEEAR you!"

My mother, Shyamala Gopalan, came from India to the U.S. to become a scientist. She had two goals in life: to cure breast cancer and to raise my sister, Maya, and me. I am forever grateful to her, and all mothers who love us, raise us, and inspire us. Happy Mother’s Day!

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