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Don’t believe everything you read!!! Carson has been nothing but a GREAT person, GREAT teammate and GREAT leader since Day 1. Our locker room stands behind him all the way. We can’t wait to get back to work and be the best team we can be in 2019! #FlyEaglesFly
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Happy Valentine’s Day, Bryce ❤️😂
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Adam Silver unveils the NBA jersey of the future.
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The Pelicans have fired GM Dell Demps, per @wojespn
I'm shocked after hearing about the attack in Pulwama, heartfelt condolences to the martyred soldiers & prayers for the speedy recovery of the injured jawaans.
The nation has spoken. Not for revenge but retaliation. Not proportionate but disproportionate devastation as a deterrent for the future. Open emigre Baluchistan embassy in Delhi for a start. Close down Paki Embassy today
It is now clear that Pulwama massacre of 37 army jawans was due to the 2014 government order not stop at any vehicle at any check point. This Order came because one Maruti was fired at by army and these jawans were prosecuted are still in jail.
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