Brooks wasnt fleeing, he drove slowly enough for a cop to bang on his window, he then intentionally rammed a parade killing several people He has BLM and black nationalist posts on his social media and posted about harming white people Police say it was not terrorism

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Minnesota man with Omicron variant says half of his anime convention crew is sick

Snow has been falling on the summits of the Big Island of Hawaii since Friday, leading to breathless news reports. Local meteorologists have been less impressed. “We do get snow there pretty much every year,” one said.

'We haven't seen any remorse': Michigan sheriff describes 'sullen' Crumbley's jailhouse stay

CDC: The current vaccines work great against new variant. Also CDC: Vaccine companies are developing new vaccine to use against new variant.

For 56 years, Eric Clapton never brought politics into his music. But when covid struck, the guitarist took a forceful — and controversial — stand.

UK’s progress on Covid now squandered, warns top scientist

Biden and Putin to hold video call on Tuesday on Ukraine

'I'm really sad that at the end of my life we have been reduced, by him, to such a state.' This 91-year-old former magistrate called LBC to say that Boris Johnson has made the country 'the ridicule of Europe and the world'. @DavidLammy 

WATCH: A regional director for the U.S. National Labor Relations Board called for a rerun of a union election at an Amazon facility in Alabama

'My family had left the country to go on holiday. During my show, restrictions were announced that meant I could not join them. I spent two weeks last Christmas on my own, separated from my three beautiful children and my wonderful wife.' @DavidLammy