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Latest Scoops

Sandra Day O'Connor announces likely Alzheimer's diagnosis https://t.co/H5fQ9zQuhp
From Instagram: Another apartment complex under construction went up in flames in Oakland this morning. It is the latest in a string of such fires in the East Bay. Story? Click link on @SFGate profile. Photo: Twitter / @OaklandFireLive #oaklandfire #oaklhttps://t.co/l0WSxjSIH8
Quentin, 'miracle dog' who survived gas chamber, dies https://t.co/bSOxUoiBzI
Deep in His Real Estate Feelings, Drake Reportedly Buys Third Home in Hidden Hills https://t.co/jF1MygIgl0
Trump declares himself a 'nationalist' https://t.co/ShAXIZJFa9
Stocks plunge over 300 points in early trading https://t.co/hLFjruuW4M
Explosive device found near George Soros' home https://t.co/3UnamnvXPV
Dangerous Cat 4 Hurricane Willa closing in on Mexico coast https://t.co/iKVnvOqIz4
Fire engulfs Oakland apartment complex under construction https://t.co/exJRt1hSCR
Artistic, custom built Lopez Island retreat asks $849K https://t.co/nBP20R56rz
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