Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

Proud son, brother, uncle, friend & dad to my lab Georgia. Passion for music, food, travel, art & bringing smiles to kids in hospitals across the U.S.

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Devastated by the size and destruction of the Australia Fires. Thousands of people are displaced, wildlife is endangered, and firefighters are struggling to contain it. Even if you’re miles away from what’s happening, you can still help. Here’s how:

First fumble of the new season. Hope I make the playoffs....

#BachelorNation – I have #PilotPete  on my radio show this week. If we work together, maybe we can get a big hint or at least narrow it down. Text me questions I should ask! 310-235-3922

Swapped the hat for a beard. @PennBadgley  always incognito #YouNetflix 

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Maybe I should start following my own advice….

If @TheeBillyPorter  approves, that’s all that matters. Adding this suit into the weekly rotation. #RSDistinction 

“Learn the difference between connection and attachment. Connection gives you power, attachment sucks the life out of you.” #QOTD 

If it means anything, this song makes it into my “most-played” list every year @davematthewsbnd 

30 days in September, April, June, and November all the rest have 31 days Except for January, which feels like 84 years #HappyFriday