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Latest Scoops

Kareem Hunt watching the Chiefs..
Stephen A Smith is thinking about Hunter Henry and the way he has played this year.

Hunter Henry hasn’t played this year.
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Put this punter in the Hall of Fame, ASAP https://t.co/GWkSfo63dS
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REPORT: Dead mice were found in a soda machine at the Oakland Coliseum.

No word yet if Jon Gruden is looking to trade them for draft picks.
Saquon coached up the OL before his 78-yard TD run 🔥
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Vikings fans to Kirk Cousins: https://t.co/piLftgBMwG
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A Patriots fan had to be removed from the stadium after being unable to leave seat from shock at what just happened 😂
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This is the greatest fan reaction video you’ll ever see https://t.co/BQVkUxu5hs
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The Rams this season...
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