Daniel Jeremiah

Daniel Jeremiah

Former Scout for Ravens, Browns & Eagles. NFL Network Analyst. Chargers Color Analyst.

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Clemson RB Travis Etienne has outstanding quickness & burst but I was even more impressed with his balance. Good example here of his contact balance & his ability to pull through tackles.

If you have any questions, fire away! We’ll answer a few on the MTS 📺 show tomorrow night at 6pm ET on NFL Network.

I gave Pete Carroll a long overdue apology. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

We had some fun with @MSU_Football  HC Mel Tucker. I left him with one homework assignment. 👇🏻

This is a fun Football/Baseball crossover edition of the MTS pod. I think you’ll enjoy Part 1 right here👇🏻


You can't be about player safety and allow Myles Garrett to play again this season. End of story.

Kyler Murray had the best close and tackle I’ve ever seen from a QB. Explosive!!

Yesterday, I asked Griffin what he was going to run and he replied, “what do you think is fast?” I said, “For a linebacker, 4.60.” He replied, “I didn’t say linebacker, I said what do you think is fast.” Now I know what he meant. 438!!

I started scouting in 2003. This upcoming WR class is the best I've ever seen.

My 8 yr old: "who sings that song?" Me: "Adele" My 8 yr old: "Beckham Jr?"

My first year in scouting, I was responsible for weighing players in before & after practice. I sat next to the scale with a clipboard & pen. Ray Lewis would walk by, without breaking stride and yell “245”. I didn’t ask any questions— just wrote it down.

Here's a good strategy for the 2020 NFL Draft. Just collect as many LSU players as possible.

This Andrew Luck news is shocking. Most shocking retirement since Barry Sanders.