President Trump / Iowa / Democratic Party / Sen Sanders

President Trump tried to sow discord by claiming that the chaos in Iowa last week was the Democratic Party trying to "steal" the election from Sen. Sanders — the same playbook he used in 2016.

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President Trump / Iowa / Democratic Party / Sen Sanders

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@BarbMcQuade  says President Trump "is sensitizing the public to this idea that corruption is not a big deal."

Great time to remind everyone that Atalanta have the same wage bill as 15th place Championship side Reading

WATCH: This musician played the violin during her brain surgery at King's College Hospital in London. Surgeons asked Dagmar Turner to play her instrument as they removed a tumor in her brain so that they could avoid affecting her ability to play.

The biggest music act on YouTube last year wasn’t Billie Eilish, Drake or Taylor Swift, but a 20-year-old Southern rapper who goes by the name YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Bloomberg Is Reportedly Paying Californians To Post Pro-Bloomberg Content Ahead Of Primary

"[Bernie] Sanders had a heart attack. [Michael] Bloomberg did not," says @jaketapper  on the campaigns' public clash over their candidates' health records. "Another big difference? The Sanders campaign spread a falsehood about Bloomberg," he adds.

A patient at a British hospital played Mahler and Gershwin on the violin while surgeons removed a tumor from her brain, so doctors could preserve her ability to play music. She left the hospital 3 days later and hopes to return to the symphony soon.

“Recent dhow interdictions at-sea by USS NORMANDY and USS FORREST SHERMAN fit a consistent historical pattern of vessels being used to smuggle weapons to the Houthis in Yemen, assessed that Iran is responsible for planning, organizing, and making these shipments. #US5thfleet ”

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