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Just a reminder for everyone - there is no “antifa” organization. “Antifa” simply means “anti-fascist.” You may disagree with certain antifa tactics (most likely black bloc tactics), but being against “antifa” means you are, by definition, for fascism.

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In Sri Lanka, Hindu Tamils & Sinhala Buddhists are one community just as In India our Constitution defines in Article 25 a Hindu as one who is not Muslim or Christian. That is the way also of peace for Sri Lanka. Hence I hold PM Rajapaksa a symbol of that unity&demonstrates that.

He really just dipped after the bell rang 💀 (via @premierboxing )

Steph dropped him without even dribbling 😳

Way Maker!!! Miracle Worker!!! That is who YOU are!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

GEORGE FLOYD. We will never forget you..

💪 Pakistan's most successful captain with 26 Test wins 👨 Oldest captain to score a Test century 🏏 Equaled the record for the then fastest Test ton in 2014 Happy birthday to the incredible Misbah-ul-Haq 🎂

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Heart of the order 😤 (davidortiz/IG)

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Let @SnoopDogg  take you through his viral moment at Kobe's last game 😂 #ThankYouMamba