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Age also plays a role in employees' decisions to return. Forty-two percent of Gen Z and Millennial workers and 46% of Gen X employees returned to the office three days a week or more. 52% of baby boomers didn't return to work in person at all.

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I’ve got a find a way to incorporate “geriatric millennial” in my away message. But first I have to finish downloading music off Napster... and then burn it to a CD.

proud to be a geriatric millennial.

WATCH: “Meet the Press Reports” explores Millennials’ growing political power and the fight to win Millennial voters. #MTPDaily  @SellersSavannah : "These shared crises have kind of made them able to reach across the aisle." Watch the full episode @peacockTVn  now!

These millennial creators are making 6 figures selling NFTs: 'It changed the trajectory of my career and my life'

4 better names for my generation than ‘Geriatric Millennial

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that said, I'm not a geriatric millennial. I'm a forever young and relevant normal millennial.

Missed being a "geriatric millennial" by six months!

did someone say geriatric millennial?

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“Oh fuck you, tweet, for calling me a geriatric millennial, I’m so mad I could up my cholesterol medication dosage”


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The Millennial generation, born between 1981 and 1996, control just 4.6% of U.S. wealth even though they are the largest in the workforce with 72 million members. @BSteverman  @atanzi 

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The naivety and downright ignorance of the history of this nation that runs rampant in the Millennial Generation is nothing less than astounding.

#ghosting and other (equally painful) millennial dating terms you need to know. ?

Will Ferrell: comedian, actor, just your average millennial.

“I’m now back on Twitter, but only because I was forced to accept that on this platform, a journalist will be punished for telling the truth.” Andy Ngo responds: Twitter punishes you for telling the truth - The millennial'>Post Millennial

I did a really awesome in-depth interview today about music and existentialism within the millennial identity and billboard pulled the quote “it’s a miracle I haven’t killed myself yet” as the headline. stan twitter humor ain’t really connecting in the real world.

The left things everything is about identity politics, so they falsely claim Rs don’t like AOC because she is a “female, millennial, working-class Latina.” That’s a terrible analysis. I don’t like her because she’s a liberal, anti-Israel socialist who supports a 70% tax rate.