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A GOP lawmaker said a number of moderates are upset with how House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has embraced some fringe members in the GOP conference and warned it could hurt the party

“Pathetic!” @GOPLeader ⁩ Kevin McCarthy blasted for issuing statement on Lauren Boebert that fails to condemn her sick and dangerous Islamophobia. At the same event, she also made homophobic remarks about Pete Buttigieg. #ExpelLaurenBoebert 

'Pathetic' Kevin McCarthy blasted for issuing statement on Lauren Boebert that fails to condemn her

Mean Marjorie Greene (Much meaner, of course, than the Steelers’ Joe Greene) has Kevin McCarthy by the shorthairs. Unless she’s stopped, she will have veto power over everything he does moving forward, including as speaker. Yikes #MeanMarjorieGreene 

Pleasantville gets a penalty and goes nowhere. McCarthy punt to the 20. No score late 1Q.

Nationalism's efforts to oppose the fledgling institutions of the new Northern Ireland 100 years ago were not helped by division and lack of consensus, writes Cormac Moore


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If you took the worst orator in the world Gave him the worst speech in the world And made him read it for the longest time in the world That would be a lot like listening to Kevin McCarthy tonight. Except, probably better.

@GOPLeader  McCarthy wants to bludgeon @NancyPelosi  with a gavel ▪️ @RepGosarants  to kill @Ocasio20 @RepBoebert18 ▪️ wants to use plastic explosives inside the Capitol These blood thirsty losers are bankrupt of any ideas to help you so they choose violence over voting.

Mr. President, sign the bill to keep government open! Urge McConnell and McCarthy to agree with the Democratic unanimous consent request for $2,000 direct payments! This can be done by noon on Christmas Eve!

One way to clear it up? Suspend trial to depose McCarthy and Tuberville under oath and get facts. Ask Secret Service to produce for review comms back to White House re VP Pence safety during siege. What did Trump know, and when did he know it?

Don’t let Kevin McCarthy rewrite history. McCarthy and Team Trump are trying to erase the heroism of the Jan. 6 cops. They need to know we have their backs. RT to thank them for their service.

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I just spoke with a very upset Officer Michael Fanone. It’s #PoliceWeek  and for weeks Ofc. Fanone has made multiple requests to talk to @GOPLeader . He wants to show McCarthy what he experienced on 1/6. Today he was hung up on by McCarthy’s staff. RT if Kevin should meet a hero.

105 of my colleagues signed this letter headed to @GOPLeader  McCarthy asking him to meet Officer Mike Fanone. So far, McCarthy has refused. RT to make sure Officer Fanone can tell McCarthy 1/6 was no “normal tourist day” at the Capitol. #PoliceWeek 

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Question for Senators: If Trump did not have a role inciting the attack, why did McCarthy, Gallagher and others beg him on Jan 6 to call the insurrectionists off? If they weren’t listening to him to attack, why was his voice so necessary to call them off?

Great interview with @GOPLeader  Kevin McCarthy on @foxandfriends . “There was no urgency with the Articles of Impeachment because there was no case.”