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Elon Musk is open to talking about merging Tesla with another car company. These are the 4 most likely candidates, experts say.

"We are no longer candidates, we are senators — and we have a lot of work to do," said newly installed Senate President Wilton Simpson said. Ausley already has plenty to do.

Trump’s Georgia rally will be a ‘grievance-fest’ and he’ll ignore the GOP’s Senatecandidates: Republican insiders

Several COVID-19 vaccines are in development, but Pfizer and Moderna’s candidates are now both awaiting FDA approval. Both are a new type of vaccine, called mRNA, which uses genetic information that instructs cells to reproduce COVID-19 proteins to trigger an immune response.

All Dem candidates should be running on this issue. It has broad, bi-partisan support.

People largely voted the same way for both president and Senate. In all but three states, the Democratic Senate candidate’s vote share was within 5 percentage points of Biden’s:

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December is here. Let's talk #HeismanTrophy ... @Brett_McMurphy  & @MattHayes  laid out their Top 3 candidates.


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Dr. Fauci to @NBCNews  on Trump campaign using him in a campaign ad: "They did this without my permission and my comments were taken out of context. In my 5 decades of public service, I have never publicly endorsed nor do I now endorse any political candidates.“

You don't need me to tell you what's at stake in this election. Now is the time to show up and vote like never before to elect Democraticcandidates up and down the ballot. Educate yourself on the candidates running and vote:

I’m proud to endorse these outstanding Democraticcandidates who will work to get the virus under control, rebuild the economy and the middle class, and protect Americans’ health care and preexisting conditions protections. Support these candidates––and vote early if you can.

Republicans, get out and vote today for those great candidates that will lead to big victories on November 3rd. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

4. So if we want to bring about real change, the choice isn’t between protest and politics––we have to do both. We have to mobilize to raise awareness, and we have to organize and cast our ballots to make sure that we elect candidates who will act on reform.

Hugely important primaries upcoming in the US!! To have the ability to vote is power, please use it. educate yourselves on your candidates and get voting.

Kentucky Officials locked the polling doors at 6pm. Voters were still waiting. The people demanded the doors open. Candidates filed an injunction to extend the time. The judge granted an extension. The people are voting in Kentucky...

Today I’m proud to endorse such a wide and impressive array of Democraticcandidates – leaders as diverse, patriotic, and big-hearted as the America they’re running to represent:

Today, I’m proud to endorse even more Democraticcandidates who aren’t just running against something, but for something—to expand opportunity for all of us and to restore dignity, honor, and compassion to public service. They deserve your vote:

Will someone please explain to the Fake News New York Times (ALL THE NEWS THAT’S NOT FIT TO PRINT) that the Democrats make it almost impossible for us to fill positions within government. They “maximum” delay even the best candidates, including Judges, leaving little time!