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“Terrorism” has historically been used to target Arab, Muslim, and Black communities, writes @RaniaBatrice . Using it in reference to the mob that attacked the Capitol would further harm those communities.

“Just like in the Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter, Me Too, or any other movement, it starts w/ the people. We can't rely on our government, we can't rely on big business, we can't rely on corporations but we can rely on ourselves for change.” – @bryanfogel .

Black and Arab men in France are 20 times more likely to be randomly stopped by police. @hrw  reports their "discriminatory and abusive " checks: ▪️ Often involve invasive pat-downs ▪️ Target disadvantaged neighborhoods ▪️ Target children as young as 10 ▪️ Most stops not recorded

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France's government is backing a new security law to effectively ban publishing images or video of police. Critics say it attacks press freedom and silences people reporting on police brutality, especially against Black and Arab men — who are 20X more likely to be stopped.

95 people across France were arrested at protests over plans to restrict sharing images of police. Black and Arab people are 20X more likely to be stopped by police. One woman, a victim of police violence, said: "I no longer trust this police, and I will never trust them again."

What a heartwarming message: It doesn't matter if you're Arab, Jewish, Black or white, as long as you are a corrupt oligarch, you can be friends and partners in shady money and reputation-laundering ventures

With the Black Sea sitting at an important junction between Europe, Asia and the Middle East @LukeDCoffey  breaks down the geopolitical fault-lines in the competition between the global great powers Full report on Arab News Research & Studies:

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"A Sammy Davis, Jr. look-alike" -- how Democratic State Sen. @JenAuerJordan  of Georgia refers to the black and Arab conservative activ @alist  Alexander.

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Global demand is collapsing. If Arab oil states do not wean their economies off the black stuff, they will suffer a similar fate #TheWorldIn2021 

Higher Arab American turnout in 2020 could have helped Biden win Michigan, while Black voters and other young voters of color led the way in the battleground state #WallSt 


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NEW: Rev. Al Sharpton announces plans for an Aug. 28 march in Washington, DC, on the anniversary of the March on Washington: “We need to go back to Washington and stand up — black, white, Latino, Arab in the shadows of Lincoln and tell them ‘This is the time to stop this.’”

3 police in France were charged with manslaughter for killing a North African delivery man, pinning him down with his helmet on during a traffic stop. #CedricChouviat  said "I'm suffocating" 7 times. Black/Arab men are 20x more likely to be randomly stopped by police in France.

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Thousands protested in Paris to mark 4 years since police killed #AdamaTraore : "We don't forget. We don't forgive." He died on his 24th birthday after 3 officers held him down to check his ID. Black and Arab men in France are 20x more likely to be randomly stopped by police

Facts Arent Racist: 10 Facts About Arab Enslavement Of Black People Not Taught In Schools #BlackLivesMatter  #Islam  #MAGA  #resist 

Being black did not degrade Bilal. Being Arab did not save Abu Lahab. Skin color doesn't matter in the eyes of Allah, Taqwa does.

The 13 Israeli-Arab members of Israel's Parliament held up signs saying "Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine" and were forcibly removed by security as Pence started to speak. Can you imagine Capitol Police dragging members of the congressional black caucus off the House floor?

For minorities in France’s forgotten suburbs, a new president will not change the racist attitudes that keep black and Arab youth jobless.