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SCOTUS upholds temporary travel ban. I guess the 9th circuit activism is wrong again??? #maga
Trump folks keep citing Andrew Jackson as a model and he did, famously, straight up defy a SCOTUS ruling so he could commit ethnic cleansing
I encourage my Senate colleagues to give Neil Gorsuch the same courtesy Senate Republicans gave Merrick Garland. #SCOTUS
Let's not allow America to become Europe... with terror a weekly event. Send the Trump Travel Exec Order to SCOTUS immediately.
SCOTUS slaps down 4th and 9th Circuits and enforces nearly all of President Trump's Travel Ban! #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #TrumpTrain #Dobbs
BREAKING: #SCOTUS to take up Trump's Muslim ban.

We'll see him in court. #NoMuslimBanEVER
The press is downplaying that SCOTUS has approved most of @realDonaldTrump 's travel ban while reserving remaining issues until the fall
Huge victory for North Carolina black voters: SCOTUS strikes down two GOP-gerrymandered districts. @RevDrBarber & his legal team fought &won
The Google doodle today celebrates the birthday of Fred Korematsu, the namesake of the 1944 SCOTUS case challenging Japanese internment.
Important reminder from @maddow: GOP didn't just refuse to even meet with Obama's SCOTUS nom they said no replacement at all if Clinton won.
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