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Gerrymandering increases partisanship, paralyzes governance & weakens trust in democracy. SCOTUS should end this practice in .#GillvWhitford
The facts speak for themselves:

1) Trump admin issued third Muslim ban before Supreme Court could hear arguments.

2) Courts repeatedly found ban to be illegal. SCOTUS did not say they were wrong.

3) We'll be in court Monday fighting to block Muslim Ban 3.0

In case you’re still uncertain exactly how MUCH of a scumbag Donald Trump is - he’s rooting for three SCOTUS deaths
Trump folks keep citing Andrew Jackson as a model and he did, famously, straight up defy a SCOTUS ruling so he could commit ethnic cleansing
When the GOP stole @BarackObama's SCOTUS seat & forced Gorsuch through the Senate, they knew their investment would pay off. Today it has.
SCOTUS upholds temporary travel ban. I guess the 9th circuit activism is wrong again??? #maga
I encourage my Senate colleagues to give Neil Gorsuch the same courtesy Senate Republicans gave Merrick Garland. #SCOTUS
Filed amicus brief w/ @SenWhitehouse calling on #SCOTUS to reassess constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering
Let's not allow America to become Europe... with terror a weekly event. Send the Trump Travel Exec Order to SCOTUS immediately.
Just so we're clear what's going on here, the GOP is using its stolen SCOTUS seat to devastate a major source of Democratic political power.
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