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So in one day:
- Way cleared to turn national monuments over to drillers and strip miners...
- SCOTUS stacked by Mitch McConnell's unprecedented move to hold a seat hostage until there was a Republican POTUS approves Muslim ban...
- Trump's lawyer says POTUS is above the law.
Gerrymandering increases partisanship, paralyzes governance & weakens trust in democracy. SCOTUS should end this practice in .#GillvWhitford
Trump folks keep citing Andrew Jackson as a model and he did, famously, straight up defy a SCOTUS ruling so he could commit ethnic cleansing
I encourage my Senate colleagues to give Neil Gorsuch the same courtesy Senate Republicans gave Merrick Garland. #SCOTUS
SCOTUS upholds temporary travel ban. I guess the 9th circuit activism is wrong again??? #maga
Let's not allow America to become Europe... with terror a weekly event. Send the Trump Travel Exec Order to SCOTUS immediately.
Filed amicus brief w/ @SenWhitehouse calling on #SCOTUS to reassess constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering
The facts speak for themselves:

1) Trump admin issued third Muslim ban before Supreme Court could hear arguments.

2) Courts repeatedly found ban to be illegal. SCOTUS did not say they were wrong.

3) We'll be in court Monday fighting to block Muslim Ban 3.0

When the GOP stole @BarackObama's SCOTUS seat & forced Gorsuch through the Senate, they knew their investment would pay off. Today it has.
The Google doodle today celebrates the birthday of Fred Korematsu, the namesake of the 1944 SCOTUS case challenging Japanese internment.
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