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Start your 2018 with Big Bronx Boogie Herself @iamcardib and I Midnight Tonight EST #Finesse
How dare this Latinx family from the Bronx buy a small house outside the city after years of work and send their daughter to a good college so she could one day return to her birth community to champion their vastly unattended needs. Entirely antithetical to the American story
had the most incredible visit to the Bronx and got to meet the angels of the Children's Health Fund. @chfund
Soldier home for holidays died saving lives in Bronx inferno
#StartSpreadingTheNews, being back in the Bronx is the BEST.

Final: Yankees 8, Astros 1.
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A storybook ending of all storybook endings. In his final game in the Bronx, Derek Jeter wins it with a #walkoff:
A Bronx Tale (2018)
A Bronx bodega should shut down after workers failed to help the teen killed in a brutal gang machete attack, @NYCCouncil members demand #JusticeForJunior
And as a lot of people are pointing out in the comments, why is it always assumed that the Midwest is the only “real” America? The Bronx and Queens happen to be America too.
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