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Start your 2018 with Big Bronx Boogie Herself @iamcardib and I Midnight Tonight EST #Finesse
Soldier home for holidays died saving lives in Bronx inferno
#StartSpreadingTheNews, being back in the Bronx is the BEST.

Final: Yankees 8, Astros 1.
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WANTED BY THE NYPD: These two Bronx men are wanted for striking an NYPD Officer with a vehicle in Times Square on Sunday and fleeing the scene.
Arfhy Santos (20)
Williams Lopez (24)
Submit tips to police by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)
had the most incredible visit to the Bronx and got to meet the angels of the Children's Health Fund. @chfund
This family lost 4 - possibly 5 relatives in a single fire in the Bronx. So sad. They are now struggling to finance transporting all of their bodies back to Jamaica, along with the cost of the burials. The family's verified GoFundMe page is here ->
URGENT: NYPD NEEDS YOUR HELP CATCHING THIS MAN: he groped 3 girls ages 11, 13 and 15 while on their on the way to school Wednesday morning in the Bronx. @NYPD43Pct
A storybook ending of all storybook endings. In his final game in the Bronx, Derek Jeter wins it with a #walkoff:
They said it would be a rebuilding year. But in the Bronx, we write our own story.
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So today I had the most incredible visit to the Bronx and got to meet the beautiful angels of…
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