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💥NEW PROJECT LAUNCH💥 The People's Database for Community-based Police Accountability We're excited to announce a new project and set of resources that we created in collaboration with Berkeley Copwatch@Copwatch411 )! ✊ Check it out here:

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With revenue in the city of Berkeley down 90%, business leaders have asked the university to consider having classes on campus this fall.

I got special streets in Berkeley ca where pigeons hang out, I feed them all they just had a big dinner tonight at least 20+ birds and a seagull came to feast briefly.. I love Lil b! - Lil B

While so much else goes on — not all of it good, to put it mildly— UC Berkeley is in bloom

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Damn was just hanging out with the pigeons and a seagull in Berkeley ca they were all hungry and positive! Like I said I got streets that birds hang on that the average person doesn’t even no about! The birds I rock with be hanging on top of the theater sign ect - Lil B

When VDARE’s founder bought the 132-year-old Berkeley Springs Castle, it fueled a delicate split in the artsy mountain town

The US as a microcosm of the @berkeleyside  comments section: 90% of the community watching in horror as 10% pushes some extreme agenda in government In Berkeley the 10% are superwoke lefties; in the US it's more the radical right. But in both cases it's a tyranny of the minority


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If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view - NO FEDERAL FUNDS?

I masturbated with CBD lotion and my penis moved to Berkeley to learn ceramics

More than $60K has been raised for a hot dog vendor after video of UC Berkeley cops seizing his money went viral:

Imagine the consequences to a conservative cheering on violence towards the left? UC Berkeley employee cheered assault on conservative student: 'This makes me feel emotionally so much better' | Fox News

To everyone looking for a politically motivated hate crime to be angry about: Here's video of a young conservative being attacked & beaten by a leftist on the campus of UC Berkeley. I have verified the authenticity of the video. The victim was recruiting for . More soon

NOW: Thousands of students at Berkeley High School in CA walked out of class with their teachers, to say that he is not their president.

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BREAKING: UC Berkeley has released a statement on the political hate crime assault on one of our activists. Berkeley condemns in the strongest language the violence and asks for any assistance in identifying the assailant for police. PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY THIS ATTACKER

Wonder if it would be the same if a conservative beat up a leftist on the Berkeley Campus? Conservatives call out Berkeley police for lack of arrest one week after campus assault on activist.

This is abhorrent behavior against free speech on campus. No form of violence is acceptable! Conservative activist assaulted at Berkeley'>UC-Berkeley campus during recruitment drive