Bhagwant Mann / Punjab Assembly

Bhagwant Mann will be the AAP's chief ministerial candidate for the upcoming Punjab Assembly elections

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Bhagwant Mann / Punjab Assembly

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Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter says a decision hasn't yet been taken about legal action against striking workers. #DStv403  #Today 

We know what this is leading to. So be it. Blood will be on the hands of the ‘liberal’ scum who defend and empower these jihadis day in and day out. They will regret. #Udaipur 

"The most reasonable interpretation of the facts... is that the president of the United States tried to get the vice president killed," Chris Hayes says, discussing evidence presented during the third Jan. 6 Cmte. hearing.

"A horrific human tragedy." More than 40 people have been found dead in an abandoned trailer in sweltering heat in Texas. It's one of the deadliest incidents of human smuggling on the US-Mexico border.

And then they apparently posted this video. #Udaipur 

It was, and remains, the most obvious lie Joe Biden ever told. And the mainstream media accepted it, never investigated it, and to this day continues to ignore evidence to the contrary.

BREAKING: Kremlin says Russia's campaign in Ukraine can end when Ukrainian troops give up their arms and accept Moscow's conditions

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's spokesperson took to social media Monday to defend the lawmaker elbowing GOP Congresswoman@MayraFlores2022 's young daughter during a photo shoot and insisted the move was done to benefit the youngster.

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#Rajasthan | Locals protest after two men behead youth in broad daylight in #Udaipur 's Maldas street area Shops in #Maldas  street area have been closed following the incident.