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Senior Editor at The Verge. Primarily focused on Microsoft news and reviews. Tips: Telegram at tomwarren, or Twitter DM.

Latest Scoops

I'm not expecting to see the Xbox Elite v2 controller at Gamescom next month
Microsoft wants to win back the consumers it has let down after killing off hardware, software, and services. The software giant has a new "Modern Life" plan. Details here: https://t.co/iuCqXZ3H95
I'd love to see a market analyst ask Satya Nadella what's happening with Andromeda. I'd crowd fund at least a beer to see that
Microsoft stock is now up around 4% after hours. The guidance from the earnings call and the strong Q4 results are pleasing the market
“Windows 10 is active on nearly 700 million devices” says @satyanadella
Microsoft has $133 billion in cash 🤑
Microsoft reports strong Q4 earnings as Surface and gaming both up. Details: https://t.co/zZABiob7Sf
Google building Fuchsia OS to replace Android and Chrome OS, and power all of Google’s smart home hardware. Sounds familiar... https://t.co/6tqUZBzr6C
Europe’s giant Google fine is too little, too late. My take on the $5 billion EU fine for Google’s Android app bundling: https://t.co/t4dwcJq1e9
Apple’s latest MacBook Pro has some thermal throttling issues. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Every laptop has a thermal envelope and associated constraints. The Surface Book 2 has limits, and laptops hit them under desktop-like workloads https://t.co/ckLKb9bATh
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