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@MadridTheexpat @Ryanair I’m outspoken and when my black mate was being abused I spoke out and got bottled in the face. So yeah, I know how I would react
well done for doing fuck all to help the woman being abused.
Twitter bots are liking my tweets. Hello computer
Apple CEO @tim_cook is calling on Bloomberg to retract its Chinese spy chip report. I think it's beyond time Bloomberg commented on its investigation https://t.co/OynoxbIeY4
Google wants to charge phone makers as much as $40 per phone in the EU to access Google Play Store and more. Google already monetizes its app store by taking % off developers and by using your data to target ads https://t.co/JdM0KiYvfd
How China rips off the iPhone and reinvents Android. Interesting piece by @345triangle https://t.co/8s9LbJqsGc
I got the new Spotify, and I’m liking the simplified layout
Some of these custom Apple logos are pretty neat https://t.co/26OpHDc3XX
Samsung is the latest to make a Surface Pro ripoff https://t.co/vMgLliH0l3
it’s funny to see how much iOS has changed and also how much it hasn’t
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