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Senior Editor at The Verge. Primarily focused on Microsoft news and reviews. Tips: Telegram at tomwarren, or Twitter DM.

Latest Scoops

Don't bite smartphone batteries, they explode https://t.co/Pkj16cKqEp
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I got to speak to Microsoft's Phil Spencer @XboxP3 about future Xbox game streaming, the importance of Xbox Game Pass, and how Microsoft is committed to Xbox https://t.co/p8WxBQPK65
Microsoft’s Xbox game subscription will include the next Halo, Gears of War, and Forza on launch day https://t.co/3fYUGqqOP2
Siri is going to annoy the shit out of you in a speaker on February 9th, instead of annoying the shit out of you on your iPhone https://t.co/cmWn8NiP32
Intel’s Spectre fixes are ‘complete and utter garbage,’ says Linux inventor https://t.co/CO36DnRAgF
Windows VR headsets discounted by 50 percent on Amazon https://t.co/ncXINnSbqv
Leaked Xbox Watch images reveal Microsoft’s canceled smartwatch https://t.co/lyUYtsBbVm
Microsoft is hitting back at Chromebooks with $189 Windows laptops and a big education push for schools https://t.co/b2AXL10xpY
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