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I just published Is Thanksgiving Going to Be a Covid Hyper-Spreader Event?

Something is fishy about all these Biden picks. They all have relevant experience for the job and seem extremely impressive. 🤔

The larger a county’s share of non-Hispanic white voters with a college degree, the worse Trump tended to perform compared to 2016:

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Watch chilling video from #Nigeria , showing Nigerian soldiers brutalizing a man in #Obigbo . Where is Sleepy @MBuhari  as his military runs wild in Obigbo?

A stroke of good fortune from a dosing error will pave the way for AstraZeneca and Oxford University to submit their COVID-19 vaccine for regulatory clearance

Citizens of the greatest Republic in history: meet your proposed “Climate Czar”...

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CEOs are exhibiting more patriotism than Republicans in Congress. My column:

Congratulations to Avril Haines! She is a brilliant choice for #DNI . Avril is one of the smartest and most creative thinkers I know. She will bring extraordinary leadership to the intelligence community at a critical moment in history!

$PEIX.... Wedging so nicely here.... attempting a breakout here. Loved that pick up in volume on Friday. Once this one gets going, it's gonna be an Angry mover

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Scoops of the Day

The Sidney Powell situation is classic Trump. Coerce people into lying, and then fire them for following his instructions. A death cult where everyone drinks the poison except for him.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump knows he lost the election. He just wants to destroy democracy before he leaves office. And the @GOP  is letting him.

AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford said their Covid-19 vaccine was found to be as much as 90% effective in late-stage trials

Today we announced high-level results from the AstraZeneca@UniofOxford  #COVID19  vaccine clinical trials.

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The #CCP  claims that there are only 315 active #COVID19  cases in #China — on the ground footage from China appears to tell a different story. Bottom line: don't believe a word coming out of Xi's #Communist  megaphones.

Joe Biden clearly isn't used to getting any hard questions from the media, given how he always lashes out when a reporter dare question him.

Remember the #LaptopFromHell ? Brand new information reported about massive payments from the Chinese Communist Party to the Biden Cartel. Here’s the breakdown: #ChalkTalk 

In the 100 majority Hispanic counties in America, Pres Trump gained in 78 of them vs 2016, and earned a stunning 44% of the vote. Latinos rally to Trump & the America First movement for economic AND cultural reasons...


Scoops of the Week

Admit it, THIS is the ONLY reason you are on @Twitter 

Lots of reasons Latinos rally to Trump: religious liberty, Second Amendment, strong borders. But, the most powerful propellant: results for the economic strivers, here’s the data... #ChalkTalk 

It was "incalculable" on May 24th. The loss of 250, 000 Americans as of Nov 18th is indescribable. Unfathomable. And mostly preventable.

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Trump’s triumph among Hispanics. Latinos rally to the America First movement for cultural reasons. Here’s the amazing data... #ChalkTalk 

Sydney Powell UNLOADING on the technology used in voting machines RIGHT NOW. Wow.

Did y’all know that me and former President@BarackObama  weren’t even in the same room for this interview? He was in D.C. and I was in California. But thanks to the power of technology (and @DrewBarrymore ), now I may never leave my house 😂

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Federal Judge dismisses lawsuit to block election result certification

Watch stunning video from #Nigeria  showing protests at a mismanaged gov’t warehouse. Sleepy @MBuhari ’s regime is defined by #corruption  & gov’t failure.

More on the statistical case against a Biden win — bellwether counties. Here’s the data... #ChalkTalk