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$1.5 million for Chuck Schumer's bridge project...? $112 million for Nancy Pelosi's silicon valley subway...? Democrats are trying to hide these + countless other pet projects in their "coronavirus relief" bill. Don't let them. RT so America knows the truth!

Stop and think about these five words for a second and how this idea was embedded into Fed policy for so long

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It's very encouraging the single-dose Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine looks like it's about to get emergency use authorization in the U.S. It would be the 3rd approved vaccine in the U.S. Still, this is no time to letup. There were 71,436 U.S. cases yesterday & 2,350 deaths.

"To see ourselves..." This new book by a former French Ambassador to the UK seems remarkably perceptive

NEW: @chainlink  is pushing data aggregation off-chain to increase data availability while decreasing gas costs. Report by @wsfoxley 

Bruce Springsteen pleads guilty to public drinking – but prosecutor drops DWI charge

Power outages in Texas are just the start. Aging policies and infrastructure are making drinking water vulnerable to extreme weather

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Dr. Fauci says new data suggest 'long' Covid symptoms can last up to 9 months

Schumer nuking Cuomo to avoid a primary with AOC is incredible.


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*Does a little dance*. OK, it's out there. @UL  has designed a new approach to software engineering. It's called Immersive Software Engineering, and you can learn about it here. .

It's disgraceful for a sitting Senator to spread disinformation so blatantly. It's a disservice to the people he serves to continue lying to them like this. It's dangerous and it must stop.

WATCH: HHS nominee @XavierBecerra  and @SenSanders  talk about the importance of providing health care to all Americans.

US and allies to build #China-free ' tech supply chain. US President Biden to sign presidential order to bolster chip, battery & rare-earth industries. US has seen its share of global semiconductor manufacturing capacity plummet from 37% in 1990 to now 12%

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🐢WATCH: Some of the sea turtles that were rescued after becoming stunned when temperatures dropped in Texas last week were released into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico

They carried confederate flags and called black police officers racial slurs. No evidence? Who advertises on this show?

Next step in the whitewash: “who is this ‘Q’ of which you speak? There is no website!” Deny, plead ignorance, misdirect... is there any question why people are confused? Quit lying, accept reality and use your energy to make us a better country. #Country1st  #restoreourgop 


Scoops of the Week

I just want to start a flame in your heart

74 million vote Trump. 81 million vote Biden. Biden won by same electoral vote margin Trump won by in his 2016 “landslide.” My district: 65% for Kinzinger, only 56% for Trump. Its clear, Trump lost, to win again we need not embrace him, but move on from him, and NOW.

Heard a rumor some crypto coin was pegging the dollar 🤣🤣

Senators making $174,000/year shouldn't get to tell any worker that they deserve $7.25/hour.

Cancun Man declares that the entire premise of the deregulated Texas energy market was a gigantic mistake 1/

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Beijing skips over a more expansive definition of patriots as it cites Deng Xiaoping on the need to run Hong Kong based on love of country, says @mbrookerhk . It's not a good sign for the city. via @bopinion 

Most of the $1.9 trillion House Covid bill has little to do with the virus. Here’s a breakdown. via @WSJ 

"Bitcoin is going to flip gold and then it's going to subsume the entire gold market cap," @michael_saylor  says. Its volatility will begin to decrease once it hits $10T, he adds.