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Today, the House found Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for defying a subpoena. That charge will now be sent to the Justice Department for prosecution. The DOJ should take the matter before the grand jury without delay and bring Bannon to justice. No one is above the law.

Breaking: The FBI confirms the human remains found at Carlton Reserve are those of Brian Laundrie

The wealthiest 10% of Americans own 89% of all U.S. stocks...and we’re supposed to believe the stock market is an accurate reflection of the economy?

"The documents show that DeJoy had conflicts of interest relating to the company where he served as a chief executive, XPO Logistics, as well as 13 other major companies that have relationships with the Postal Service." Why is he still Postmaster General?

Let Medicare negotiate for lower drug prices, and tens of millions of seniors’ prescription costs will go down. It’s that simple.

Of course Fed officials shouldn't trade individual stocks—it should be illegal. But Fed officials must avoid actual and perceived financial conflicts, period. We need full transparency on the behavior that's led us here & assurances these new policies will fix what's broken.

NEWS: Source familiar ways Sinema "has agreed to provisions in each of President Biden's four proposed revenue categories -- international, domestic corporate, high net worth individuals, and tax enforcement -- providing sufficient revenue to fully pay" for reconciliation package

Biden really losing support among Hispanics. Now below 50%.

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If more of the stuff we buy was made in America instead of China we wouldn’t have a supply chain crisis

R yes votes on bannon contempt: Liz Cheney Adam Kinzinger Anthony Gonzalez Peter Meijer


Scoops of the Day

India scripts history. We are witnessing the triumph of Indian science, enterprise and collective spirit of 130 crore Indians. Congrats India on crossing 100 crore vaccinations. Gratitude to our doctors, nurses and all those who worked to achieve this feat. #VaccineCentury 

“I told you so” doesn’t even begin to cover it here:

NIH Contradicts Fauci, Admits Funding Gain-of-Function Research at Wuhan Lab via @BreitbartNews 

Poll: 70 percent of Americans say Facebook, Twitter do more harm than good

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Fully-vaccinated urged to continue wearing face masks to limit spread of Covid

"You might be thinking this is just another Wednesday evening. It's not. It's yet another night in which Republicans drove a nail into the coffin of American democracy. Joe Manchin helped them. And Joe Biden didn't do anything to stop them." My take:

You know what’s more radical than abolishing the filibuster? Watching 19 states pass voter suppression laws and doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

ICYMI: The Stop the SURGE Act shows Democrat hypocrisy over surge of illegal immigrants in South Texas communities.

I’ve just handed in a letter to Number 10 from MPs, peers, scientists & others calling for 🌍A UK climate action plan aligned with 1.5C 🌿Protection & restoration of ecosystems 🌐A joint Global Action Plan to tackle climate & nature crises #NetZero  @CEEbill_NOW 

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Scoops of the Week

It's Really None of Fauci's Business What Americans Do On Christmas

President Biden on riding Amtrak: "I commuted every single day for 36 years as Vice President of the United States..."

. @newsmax ⁩: Ted Cruz Introduces Bill Creating Migrant Processing Centers Where Democrats Hold 'Cocktail Parties'

Government paying $300 per child every month not to work is socialism And the radical left is just one Senate comrade away from making it the law

Our democracy faces a crisis that requires action. Now is the moment to reach beyond region, beyond party, beyond self, to save and reinvigorate the sputtering flame of the American idea. That is why we must pass the #FreedomToVoteAct .

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Let your Senator know — it’s time to pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

Help @FBITampa  find Jonathan Pollock, who allegedly assaulted law enforcement personnel during riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Call 813-253-1000 or visit to submit a tip.

Who said corporations can’t act heroically? In-N-Out Burger clashes with San Francisco over vaccine mandate: ‘We refuse to become the vaccination police’

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Bringing better infrastructure to Kushinagar and improving the quality of life for the people there.

The fact that the media is dead silent on how Florida COVID cases are down 88% in the last 6 weeks proves that they only report the numbers that fit THEIR agenda, instead of what is true. The people deserve to know the truth.