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Here is your handy guide to sport on television today. #SportOnTV 

The five-day moving average of #COVID19  cases is now 338.

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This daily infographic provides the total number of vaccine doses administered in Australia as of 19 June 2021. Stay up to date with #COVID19  vaccine information here: … vaccines #COVID19vaccines  #COVID19 

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#JustIn | Centre tells #SupremeCourt : Can't exhaust relief fund by paying Rs. 4 lakh to every dead #COVID19  victim's family

The U.S. could spend a lot of money fending off semiconductor competition from China, warns @Noahpinion . Or it could just innovate its way to victory

Today at the Euros: Wales, Switzerland and Turkey look to join Italy in last-16 - Sky Sports

Most big mall developers may waive rent for recent Covid-19 lockdown, writes @raghstoriches  #RealEstate 

Who said dogs are smarter than cats? Pic via *welcomet0nature *Smartcat

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Tata Tea's Iss Baar#SabKeLiye  #JaagoRe  aims to sensitise urban people & urge them to help those less privileged in #COVID19  vaccination journey. @ShibaniGharat  speaks with Puneet Das, President - Packaged Beverages, India & South Asia, Tata Consumer Products@BrandStoryboard 

We’ve been enjoying rugging up with the @MarkHughesFdn  Beanies for Brain Cancer this round. Grandstand Rugby League are speaking live with Mark Hughes now - former @NRLKnights  player and the face of the foundation. Tune in: #NRL 


Scoops of the Day

‘Industry will collapse unless we stop PUP': Hotels, bars and restaurants struggle for staff

Is that true or did you see it on CNN?

I’m told this is grounds for impeachment… and this one actually happened. I wonder what changed🤔 Biden is Putin’s puppet!

LOL. When Russia is saying this you know they’re loving it. It’s like a thank you note for rolling over on everything.

Champ, Joe Biden’s German shepherd and ‘sweet, good boy’, dies aged 13

Black Americans earn 30% less than white Americans, while Black households have just one-eighth wealth of white households

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Third wave of Covid ‘definitely under way’ in UK, says expert

Brazil Is Now The 2nd Country With 500,000 Covid Deaths — And Infections Aren’t Slowing Down

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From a hydrogen-powered aircraft to lab-grown fish. 📕 Read more about the exciting green Technology Pioneers of 2021:

The most amazing part of the Jon Stewart rant is the audience laughs with him immediately. For 18 months these people would have likely tarred & feathered any heretic who even questioned the illogical narrative we were sold! Zero intellectual honesty!


Scoops of the Week

"The Irish people were insulted by NPHET yesterday" - Ciara Kelly is furious with Tony Holohan's stance on antigen testing @BreakfastNT 

"They wouldn't know ambition and positivity if it sat on them." @kierancuddihy  believes we lack the ambition to introduce antigen testing.

These Videos of Joe Biden are Humiliating... he's embarrassing himself and our country on a world stage. The media of course will tell you the other world leaders love him, but that's because they're taking him and your tax dollars for a ride!

I guess the first fake apology didn’t work so Chrissy Teigen put out a lengthier fake apology. Don’t worry folks she will turn herself into the victim here ASAP… despite encouraging multiple people/kids to kill themselves she’s a great person!

From packed streets to silence: documenting the fall of Hong Kong

Biden set to meet with Putin on Wednesday for highly anticipated naps expected to last 5 hours or more.

Mandatory hallmarking of gold is an essential step to develop India as a leading gold market centre globally. #Hallmark4PureGold  will also bring transparency to the jewellery trade and increase trust among consumers.

Join us and our friend @Camila_Cabello  for #100DaysofReading  to help get books, healthy food and educational resources to underserved children across the U.S. Learn how you can, 👆 TAP ↖️ CLICK 📖 READ For kids in need at 👉

The Morrison Govt changed the rules 3 times to exclude public universities from JobKeeper. Over 17,000 uni jobs have been lost. But the Liberals let private universities get JobKeeper. We now know Bond Uni got $17m in JobKeeper and increased its profits for the year. #auspol