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Political correspondent for the Guardian in London. Intermittent diversions into tweets about cycling. PGP key: http://bit.ly/29xs4sa

Latest Scoops

Retaliation has arrived: Russia to expel 23 UK diplomats and close UK consulate in St Petersburg and British Council in Moscow, FCO says.
Table from fascinating Commons report about all MPs from 1979 to now, showing MPs' former professions. Many fewer ex-manual workers (16% to 3%).

Full report: file:///Volumes/Downloads/Internet%20Downloads/CBP-8256.pdf
Nigel Farage is keeping some rum company these days, part 2:

Our @guardian story on the unusual joint UK/US/France/Germany statement condemning the nerve agent attack and saying Russia seems responsible

On our politics live blog: Ukip peer invited EDL founder Tommy Robinson into parliament, House of Lords told:

New: very strong joint statement from leaders of UK, US, France & Germany condemns "assault on UK sovereignty" over Salisbury and says Russia seems responsible.
Met police confirm another suspicious package has been received at Westminster. It's being assessed by specialist officers.
No info yet as who it was sent to, but so far this week suspicious packages have been sent to four Muslim Labour MPs:https://t.co/pNBjqounak

New: Police and ambulance response team at parliament, seemingly after another suspicious parcel was received. No info as to who it was sent to.
Oddly vindictive property firm Meadow, trying to force SE London football side @DulwichHamletFC from their home, have concreted a fence to seal it off - also impeding access to a popular school route and to a public playing field. Baffling.
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