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Political correspondent for the Guardian in London. Intermittent diversions into tweets about cycling. PGP key: http://bit.ly/29xs4sa

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@DulwichHamletFC There’s hope Southwark council plans to compulsorily purchase the ground as Meadow seem closed to dialogue and apparently want to drive a popular - and newly-promoted - local club out of business. Latest here:
Amid the World Cup spare a thought for @DulwichHamletFC whose ground is fenced off & becoming gradually overgrown due to deeply unpleasant property speculators Meadow, who have been refused permission to build flats on it.
Just saw very heavily pregnant Lib Dem deputy leader Jo Swinson - two days past her due date - walk down the corridor to vote on the EU withdrawal bill, looking not very thrilled to be there. Sometimes parliament can seem *very* archaic.
Every MP I’ve spoken to so far seems quietly puzzled at what the latest fudge really means, but adamant that it - yet again - doesn’t solve anything, merely sweeps the inevitable conflict yet further down the path.
One of the many variables of the current “meaningful vote” fudge is the huge discretion it gives the Speaker on this issue. Raises the question: will (generally pro-parliament) John Bercow still be Speaker when it matters?
As Grieve says he has accepted the government compromise lots of tuts and sighs rise from Labour benches. They think Tory rebels have been sold a pup.
Govt chief whip Julian Smith has just arrived in the Commons. Sits on the front bench, rubs his eyes, checks his phone. He looks a bit knackered.
Keir Starmer ignored about 50 requests to give way as he ended his speech. Not something you have to worry about as a barrister making an argument in court.
Labour MP Paul Farrelly makes a point of order to ask Speaker to rule on the neutral/not neutral conundrum. Speaker says he won't now. So we all remain confused.
Some Stoke-on-Stoke action in the Commons as Jack Brereton (SoT S, Tory) says Gareth Snell (SoT Central, Labour) should think of local leave voters and back the government's amendment. Slightly low blow.
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