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Political correspondent for the Guardian in London. Intermittent diversions into tweets about cycling. PGP key: http://bit.ly/29xs4sa

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I mean, seriously, even just in PR terms, why pick a clip of an emergency ambulance being held up to promote your blockade?
Big Dulwich contingent, clearly.
Overall, I’m proud that my local borough is proving such a feisty #bbcqt audience for Dimblebot finale. Never heard so much shouting.
Britain’s angriest vicar! #bbcqt
Great story by @JenniferMerode - EU parliament orders conservative group known as "Daniel Hannan’s travel agency” to repay €500,000+ in EU funds spent on trips "of limited relevance" to Brussels, including €250,000 going to luxury Miami resort.

In what is surely a coded message by a picture editor, the @spectator has illustrated a column by Boris Johnson with a photo of him being shown the finger by someone else, cropped out of shot.

Spectator crop and original below.

Applause for @Lakerlikes for spotting this.
It's been pointed out that formal announcement just says EM will be "publicly available on parliament’s website ", and does'nt explicitly state "free ". That would seem to follow, unless they have plans for a new paywall, but just to be clear....https://t.co/FW8xNgYkMa

Andrea Leadsom, leader of the Commons, announces that next edition of Erskine May, the guide to parliamentary procedure, which costs £300 a go to buy, will for the first time be available for free online. Good news for UK politics wonks everywhere.
Civil servant head Mark Sedwill steps in to note that a no-deal Brexit means UK will not have full control over what happens.

David Jones presses on use of "disorderly Brexit" John Manzoni adds, icily: "It might be inconvenient but I'm here to tell you what’s really going on."
Testy exchanges at committee as Tory Brexiter David Jones takes top civil servants to task over use of "disorderly Brexit" for no-deal departure. Why use such a phrase, he asks?

“Perhaps I should say, ‘less orderly’,” politiely smiles John Manzoni, civil servant chief exec.
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