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Political correspondent for the Guardian in London. Intermittent diversions into tweets about cycling. PGP key: http://bit.ly/29xs4sa

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Theresa May is in full, "Nothing has changed!" mode in Salzburg over the seeming disintegration of the Chequers plan. Your guess is as good as mine as to how long she can keep this up.
@SarahLudford .. Worth noting too that far from being a barrier to people with disabilities, cycling can often be a huge boon for their mobility. @WfWnews are experts on this.

More fruitful to campaign for safer streets for all, rather than obsess about supposed danger caused by cyclists,
@SarahLudford I've not seen any evidence that danger from cyclists in particular is a notable factor which prevents people with disabilities from going out, but perhaps you know of some. ...
David Davis's speech on Brexit insists a Canada-type departure would not cause a hard Irish border because... well, because of technology and political will, it seems. Doesn't seem the most thorough plan on the issue.
@SarahLudford I'm not defending antisocial cycling, and I realise it can be intimidating. But a/ there's no evidence cyclists break laws any more often than other road users and b/ it's very, very rarely deadly. To stress: this is just to keep the issue in proportion and context.
@birminghammail Yes, people can do thoughtless and reckless things. But if they do it on a bike they're much. much, much less to kill or maim someone then in a car, van or bus. As I tediously say every time: it's not morals, it's physics.
As context to this pretty silly @birminghammail story about the "menace" of cyclists, here's some appeals/news about drivers from West Midlands police over just *the last week*.

On R4 Chris Grayling declines to take any personal responsibility for the rail chaos of recent months, conceding there were many failures but saying it was "the system" that was at fault. Very much like the government defence over Windrush, and all a bit depressing.
See also: David Davis saying he will produce his detailed plans for an alternative Brexit "shortly".
On Sky, new Chequers refusenik Mike Penning is asked how an alternative deal could be devised and got through in time. He responds by lambasting "remoaners who don’t accept the will of the British people”.

Reminder: it is *190 days* to Brexit.
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