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In 2019, the red supergiant star Betelgeuse began to dim drastically. Some astronomers worried it would explode in a supernova. But a new study has now found that the dimming was the product of dust, not a prelude to destruction.

After holding talks with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, the governor said that some of the six venues planned to be used for the screenings will instead be used for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dubai eases travel restrictions from certain countries including India

Update. We are around 900 bucks away from our goal. LET’S GO!

#NSTnation With the extension of the #MCO  3.0 until June 28, food court and hawker stall operators fear that they may go out of business. #coronavirus  #covid19  #lockdown 

Change is unsettling, but don’t oppose Central Vista without looking at its pluses Read today's op-ed by Chetan Bhagat 👉

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Truck driver ploughs into Florida Pride parade, killing one

India posts lowest daily rise in coronavirus cases in nearly 3 months

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Queensland Premier@AnnastaciaMP  has announced the state has recorded one new local COVID-19 case overnight.

Alberta city cancels Canada Day fireworks at site of former residential school


Scoops of the Day

From Brooklyn to Galveston, there were scenes of joy and reflections on the meaning of Juneteenth. “We have to celebrate that we survived,” one man said.

Former British parliament speaker Bercow joins opposition Labour Party

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If you call yourself an expert, you're not an expert. Learning requires humility.

A quarter of Black Americans said their current financial situation was worse now than it was a year ago, before the pandemic, compared to 17% of their White peers, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted earlier this year.

The church that married Boris Johnson has voted to limit President Biden’s access to Communion because he supports access to abortion. I hope Bishops take time to reflect deeply on how this looks from the outside and what it says about their priorities.

BREAKING: The repressive ban on Twitter and social media and online broadcasting bills being pushed by Mr Lai Mohammed and the Buhari administration have now put Nigeria in the league of North Korea, Iran, China, Myanmar and Turkmenistan. It will take all of us to fight back.

Every single day since this started I’ve heard from people worried about their businesses, worried about their jobs, desperate to return and rebuild. And if it wasn’t for Andrea Leadsom’s party, they’d be back at work by now too.

The voters of Chesham made clear their dislike of too much building. All the time we invite an extra 300,000 people a year to live here we need to build lots of houses to provide decent homes.The government should seek a sustainable rate of economic migration.

25% of Toronto adults are fully vaccinated against COVID-19; 75% received first dose

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Scoops of the Week

Hong Kong’s national security police arrested five executives of the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper for suspected breaches of the national security law, a report said.

Throughout history, Juneteenth has been known by many names: - Jubilee Day. - Freedom Day. - Liberation Day. - Emancipation Day. And today, a national holiday.

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Silencing "wrong" ideas will eventually destroy our ability to discover the truth.

US Supreme Court blocks child slavery lawsuit against chocolate firms

We've only flipping done it!! Congratulations to @SarahGreenLD  @LibDems  Member of Parliament for Chesham and Amersham. Incredible scenes. The blue wall is cracking as the yellow 🌟shines through

Satoshi Nakamoto should be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

It was a great privilege to serve in this country. Under leadership of PM Modi, it will achieve top-3 (position) in world. With 2nd COVID wave, India suffered lot but I believe that this crisis can't deter the rise of India: Shin Bong-kil, outgoing South Korean envoy to India

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The right to vote is fundamental in our democracy. Today, I met with Texas state legislators to discuss how we can stop legislation that will make it harder for Americans to exercise their right to vote.

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Our bill to make #Juneteenth  a federal holiday just passed the Senate!

There is a fascist, authoritarian movement in this country and they tried to turn us into a dictatorship this year.