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'He was a witness of truth': why the judges decided Cardinal George Pell was guilty

Railways clampdown on plastic use aims to minimise the generation of plastic waste in trains and stations. Join us in our march to build a sustainable future by using reusable carry bags and recycling plastic bottles through bottle crushing machines installed at stations.

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OnCNBCTV18 | Mayank Shah, Parle Products says haven't laid off 8,000-10,000 employees, might do it due to slowdown; Biscuits are subject to a high rate of #GST  at 18% #ParleG  @Nigel__DSouza  @blitzkreigm 

CG Power share price falls another 20%, investors lose Rs 396.25 crore in two days

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Instead of filling a landfill with worn out tires, retread them

The countdown to the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of #China , on October 1 makes the next six weeks particularly sensitive for #HongKong  via Protests@bpolitics  @iainmarlow  #HongKongProtests 

Google reviews 50,000 resumes a week—Here are the 11 surprising resume secrets of a Google recruiter @bizzwriter 

President Barack Obama just revealed his summer reading list (have you read any of these 11 books yet?) @bizzwriter 

RT Remix *BerryYNWA What? What kind of magic sorcery is this? Find me this lovely child I'd like to see this close up! Gif via *Tayyaba__W Amazing girl👍🏻👍🏻


Scoops of the Day

Sigmar Gabriel, a German Socialist, is pro-Russia & pro-Iran. He’s now running one of those Transatlantic organizations that the DC crowd loves. Why isn’t the swamp ever on America’s side? 🤔

Last night my son had a layover in NYC and took me to dinner at our favorite restaurant. When I asked Sergio for the bill he told me my son had already slipped him his credit card. Still in college but working hard this summer learning investment banking. Life's great moments

Because what everyone really needs is @facebook  giving even more power and control to establishment corporate media hacks. 🙄🙄🙄 Breitbart News: Facebook Hiring Corporate Media Veterans to Manually Curate ‘News Tab’

Andrew Yang’s basic income plan permits Americans to fail. And that’s a good thing

San Francisco: This problem is not about homelessness. It’s about Democrat run cities who care more about helping illegals than citizens. Make no mistake, this represents what Democrats want for America... destruction.

Brexit: Donald Tusk rejects Boris Johnson's backstop proposal - live news


Scoops of the Week

Why do they wear masks? Because this is what happens when your mom finds out you joined Antifa 😂 😂

Why doesn’t this surprise me?? 🧐🤔 Media Won’t Report Tlaib, Omar’s Israel Trip Was Thru Pro-Terrorist Group

Yikes! Man says he witnessed CNN host Don Lemon's alleged assault: 'I was kind of making fun, I feel bad now'

Sad! Six times Biden described major events in his life that never happened

if ever the US economy could use a strong tailwind from the 2017 Trump tax cuts, it could use one now as global conditions weaken but the tailwind just isn’t there my @CNBC  column

Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat: Railways is installing Bio-toilets in a mission mode in train coaches, phasing out conventional toilets. Until yesterday, 2,17,592 environment-friendly toilets made their way to 60,594 train coaches.

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Them: u wear the pants in yall relationship? Me: I'm married. 📷 by @justxfred 

“Trump struggling in latest poll!” *breaks attendance records in New Hampshire while 11,000 people watch from OUTSIDE the arena* “Elizabeth Warren PACKS crowds in New Hampshire.” *crowd of 700* Good luck Losers 😂 #Trump2020  #TrumpLandslide2020 

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