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The five-day moving average of #COVID19  cases is now 338.

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This daily infographic provides the total number of vaccine doses administered in Australia as of 19 June 2021. Stay up to date with #COVID19  vaccine information here: … vaccines #COVID19vaccines  #COVID19 

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None can change neighbours…can coexist, in interest of all: Taliban to India on shifting sands

Walk around the Phillip Business Centre with Tom Adam and you hear a litany of complaints about the high rents in the area | @EvanstheAirwave 

The U.S. could spend a lot of money fending off semiconductor competition from China, warns @Noahpinion . Or it could just innovate its way to victory

20% rise in intake of anti-depressants among people since Covid outbreak #MentalHealth 

#BSCorporateResults | NTPC's Q4 net soars 258% to Rs 4,479 crore, to pay final dividend of Rs 3.15 #Q4FY21  #Q4Results 

Apple can no longer sidestep the criticism directed at peers like Amazon, Google, and Facebook


Scoops of the Day

‘Industry will collapse unless we stop PUP': Hotels, bars and restaurants struggle for staff

Is that true or did you see it on CNN?

I’m told this is grounds for impeachment… and this one actually happened. I wonder what changed🤔 Biden is Putin’s puppet!

LOL. When Russia is saying this you know they’re loving it. It’s like a thank you note for rolling over on everything.

Champ, Joe Biden’s German shepherd and ‘sweet, good boy’, dies aged 13

Third wave of Covid ‘definitely under way’ in UK, says expert

Black Americans earn 30% less than white Americans, while Black households have just one-eighth wealth of white households

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Brazil Is Now The 2nd Country With 500,000 Covid Deaths — And Infections Aren’t Slowing Down

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From a hydrogen-powered aircraft to lab-grown fish. 📕 Read more about the exciting green Technology Pioneers of 2021:

The most amazing part of the Jon Stewart rant is the audience laughs with him immediately. For 18 months these people would have likely tarred & feathered any heretic who even questioned the illogical narrative we were sold! Zero intellectual honesty!


Scoops of the Week

"The Irish people were insulted by NPHET yesterday" - Ciara Kelly is furious with Tony Holohan's stance on antigen testing @BreakfastNT 

"They wouldn't know ambition and positivity if it sat on them." @kierancuddihy  believes we lack the ambition to introduce antigen testing.

I guess the first fake apology didn’t work so Chrissy Teigen put out a lengthier fake apology. Don’t worry folks she will turn herself into the victim here ASAP… despite encouraging multiple people/kids to kill themselves she’s a great person!

From packed streets to silence: documenting the fall of Hong Kong

Biden set to meet with Putin on Wednesday for highly anticipated naps expected to last 5 hours or more.

Mandatory hallmarking of gold is an essential step to develop India as a leading gold market centre globally. #Hallmark4PureGold  will also bring transparency to the jewellery trade and increase trust among consumers.

Join us and our friend @Camila_Cabello  for #100DaysofReading  to help get books, healthy food and educational resources to underserved children across the U.S. Learn how you can, 👆 TAP ↖️ CLICK 📖 READ For kids in need at 👉

The Morrison Govt changed the rules 3 times to exclude public universities from JobKeeper. Over 17,000 uni jobs have been lost. But the Liberals let private universities get JobKeeper. We now know Bond Uni got $17m in JobKeeper and increased its profits for the year. #auspol 

Then: Astronaut Mark Kelly says Trump's plan to create a Space Force 'is a dumb idea' Now: NATO extends defense pact to space Communiqué from Summit recognized "the growing importance of space for the security and prosperity of our nations and for NATO’s deterrence and defense."