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Council closes Salthill diving tower over social distancing problems

Meteor shower: watch out for nature’s most spectacular annual show

Antifa isn’t a “myth.” Antifa isn’t “imaginary.” Antifa isn’t “peaceful.” Antifa is a terrorist organization. Full. Stop.

WATCH: Ambassador John Bolton on Trump impeachment, upcoming election, and US coronavirus response

A huge win for wildlife. 🔎 Learn more about how we can protect whales:

Amazon, Apple, Google, and a bunch of other tech giants are rallying against President Trump's visa freeze

Uber, Facebook, and are best picks to play unfolding recovery, Wall Street analyst says

How the philanthropy world should use this moment to actually help Black people

Australia's Covid commission downplays 'green recovery' and confirms gas push


Scoops of the Day

Right now I'm a hard pass (there are a lot in reputable pipelines I will wait for). But are you willing to take the Russian Covid-19 vaccine?

Dinesh D'Souza - After admitting this, Jerry Nadler and Democrats have so little shame that they are advocating for mail-in voting?!

My #MAGA  candidate of the week is @CawthornforNC ! Madison just turned 25 & if he wins in Nov he will be the youngest person elected to Congress in history. He represents a new generation of conservative leaders that we badly need in DC. DONATE! #NC11 

I spoke to President@ashrafghani  & @afgexecutive  to welcome the upcoming start of intra-Afghan talks. All parties should seize this historic moment for peace. #NATO  stands with #Afghanistan  in the fight against terrorism, as we adjust our presence to support the peace process.

From ensuring livelihoods are protected to making adequate capital available for businesses and instutional autonomy here's what former PM #Manmohansingh  advises: Read on #IndianEconomy  #Economicrevival  #CoronavirusPandemic 

Cant remember any #Janmashtami  in Mumbai without the Dahi Handi pyramids. They were great fun to watch but also symbolised how this city always reaches for the sky. There is a feeling of emptiness today but it won’t stop us from building pyramids in our minds. Happy Janmashtami!

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When asked about his reaction to Trump’s interest in delaying the election, @AmbJohn Bolton stated, “It’s completely beyond any reasonable consideration to delay the election.” Bolton further remarks that he found it “very troubling that the president would even talk about it.”

Trump says his GOP acceptance speech will take place at Gettysburg or the White House

Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as employees, judge rules, in blow to gig economy


Scoops of the Week

The Washington Post: "Trump and his allies have hammered their unsubstantiated claims that Biden has mentally lost a step..." Can anyone (even the hacks in the media) honestly watch this video & say with a straight face that Biden seems all there? RT!!!

While Democrats obstruct & tear shit down, @realDonaldTrump  acts and never lets YOU down! ✅Payroll tax holiday ✅Student loan relief ✅Moratorium on evictions ✅$400/week in unemployment benefits Now Chuck & Nancy might sue to stop you from getting relief? Have at it, losers!

And we thought jugaad was purely an Indian talent! Hilarious. A Honda powered Tesla...

When I @Google  “Nunes memo,” the first page of results are from The Atlantic, WaPo, Lawfare, Politico, CNN and NPR. If Google is trying to weed out disinformation, why are they giving me results that are filled with disinfo from news outlets that we now know got it all wrong?

REPORTER: "Just in this room, you have dozens of people who are not following the guidelines..." TRUMP: "It's a peaceful protest" Savage!!!!! @DailyCaller 

A lot of things were going right in Indonesia and the Philippines before Covid-19 arrived: 💰Relatively robust economies ☑️Well-regarded policy makers 📚The benefit of young, educated populations Unfortunately, things are going downhill, and fast

American Airlines banned David Harris Jr without explanation. Why would a major airline ban a black conservative? Is it his political view or his ethnicity?

@SecPompeo : The U.S. will put forward a resolution in the Security Council to extend the arms embargo on Iran. One way or another, we will do the right thing. We will ensure that the embargo is extended.

I'm not the President, but I am a father of 5 who is sick & tired of selfish big money union bosses like you holding our kids hostage to line your own pockets. CDC head Redfield testified that SCHOOLS SHOULD REOPEN FULLY. Stop putting your own self-interest ahead of our kids!