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@NANO_TMG Way to stay loyal. This is war. You ready? #TeamTommy  The #FinalBetrayal  goes down August 25 on STARZ. #PowerTV 

It’s not ‘racist’ or ‘bullying’ to criticise Meghan & Harry for preaching about the environment then jumping on endless private planes. It’s calling out hypocrisy. They should either shut up with the preaching or practise what they preach.

I’m having the PRIME of my life lilnasx jeffbezos #Nugget  👍🏻 amazon @ Old Town Road

Something I’ve never done before. And the most difficult character I have ever played in my life.💥 #FirstLook  #TheGirlOnTheTrain  @RelianceEnt  @Shibasishsarkar  @DW_Pictures 

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In a first-look image from #Stardust , Johnny Flynn stars as a 24-year-old David Bowie in 1971 as he embarks on his first road trip to America. Take a look:

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#HomeAndAway actor Ben Unwin has sadly died at the age of 41:

Cardi B blasts NYPD in profanity-laced Instagram video: ‘F–k you!’

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[PIC] Teaser Dongmyeong & CyA untuk comeback single album ke-2 ONEWE "2/4", rilis 29 Agustus. #KWI 


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when you’re lit but your song comes on 😂

In the uncertainty that we feel both inside and out, the Lord gives us a certainty: He remembers us.

Put together this amazing experience in NYC with Verizon this Fri & Sat, which has an installation to go behind the making of my album, a limited Merch shop, & more. Follow @verizon  for details & exclusive access for #VerizonUp  members. See you there x

We need to get more attention on the Amazon rainforest fires. This is INSANE. RT

That's a pretty f*cking fast three years flew by. Frank Ocean released 'Blonde' on August 20, 2016.

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Because you're incredible, India: Why I hoped my show with PM Modi would become the most watched in TV history... by Bear Grylls. ‘The true opportunity that young people in India have to change the world.’ @worldscouting ⁩


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Your voice is heavenly. Thanks for coming. @AlecBenjamin  #JIMIN 

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I miss doin nothing the most of all

12 years ago, ‘Superbad’ came out – and McLovin was born. 🎬

Man I’m pretty excited for my first video from NFR to come out on thursday it’s for two songs- fuck it I love you! and the greatest. Shot by rich lee

Happy SlimeDay to @YoungThug ! 💚🐍 In honor, here's a classic.

Payton got me highway flowers 🌹🌹🌹 @paytonselzer 

sat next to a seemingly lovely old lady at a lunch today and thought we really bonded but as i left she said ‘sorry but you need to have a firmer handshake or no one will respect you’ excuse me i was being deliberately gentle i’m not trying to crush and snort you janice

ohhhh take a look at me now