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hey girls did you know that a dream is out in 9 days

God does not choose us because of our “goodness”, but precisely because we are and we feel small.

Attorney General Barr: Promoters Of Mail-In Voting Are ‘Grossly Irresponsible’

SIMULATION THEORY FILM It's official 🔥🔥 The Simulation Theory film, recorded at London's @TheO2  Arena, will be released across multiple media platforms @IMAX , digital, & deluxe editions), beginning August 17th 2020 Find ticket & pre-order information at

Here’s part of my interview with @foxandfriends  this morning regarding being taken off the witness list at yesterday’s nursing home hearings in New York:


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sending so much love to everyone. been writing a lot of new music and it’s coming from a really pure place. reminding myself everyday that life is now; and not in yesterday or tomorrow. let’s be extra gentle, soft, and kind to ourselves and others today✨

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It's been 150 days since #BreonnaTaylor  was shot and killed in her Louisville apartment. We will not forget. 🕊

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I’m truly amazed that apparently my appearance at today’s @NYSenate  nursing home hearings would’ve made people “uncomfortable” and that’s why I was taken off the witness list. Wish they had put that in writing so I could frame it.

Trump’s coolness under pressure—his sang froid—is one of the rarest and truest qualities of leadership. His attitude can be summed up this way: Yes, there was a shooter but we took care of that. Let’s get on with the press conference! #WhiteHouseShooter 

CHAOS IN CHICAGO: ‘Hundreds of Looters’ Hit Macy’s, Best Buy, Walgreens in After-Hours Mayhem


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I’ve been to the year 3000 not much has changed, except everyone was wearing a mask.

The Left accuses me of defending Trump, no matter what he says or does, as if everything he does must be right; at the same time they collectively attack Trump, no matter what he says or does, as if everything he does must be wrong

I’m still glowing from all of the love for “Rain On Me” from the #VMAs ! 🥰 So @ArianaGrande  and I wanted to share some of the fun we had making the video 👯‍♀️⛈ Here’s #GagaVision  Episode 48!

I never gave up I always had faith

This has gone viral, but I’m posting anyway ‘cause it makes me smile. And if you haven’t seen it yet, maybe it’ll make you smile. And Phil has jumped to the top of iTunes ‘cause new folks are discovering and old folk are remembering how dope this song is.

I was told over a week ago I would be welcome to testify at tomorrow's nursing home hearings in New York. A formal request was expected on Friday, but then all of a sudden I wasn't on the list anymore. The democrats didn't even have the decency to respond to me.

A statement and apology regarding our Georgia schools coverage in today’s PDS.

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Students are being suspended for taking pictures of schools that aren’t following coronavirus safety protocols. Hopefully they don’t stop until every student is suspended and safe at home.

2/9 Almost half of Americans surveyed in 2020 say they DO NOT own stock. Among the 55% who DO own stock, >80% of all stocks are owned by the country's wealthiest 10%. That’s just the math. #velshi