Conservative radio host who told his audience they dont need the Covid-19 vaccine if they aren’t at risk, changes his mind after being hospitalized with Covid-19

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CENSORED: For months, the mainstream media led Americans to believe that the laptop was fake news, censoring a major publication - "You already knew this but the Hunter Biden story is true." @SchmittNYC .

Rudy Giuliani on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal: "I'm waiting for my apology."

Today, I signed a bill into law that'll increase penalties on human smugglers emboldened by Biden's open border policies. Texas is using every tool we have to secure the border & crack down on human smuggling. Thank you @TxChuy  & @RepJMLozano .

As the Petito case grips the nation, families of color say their missing loved ones matter too

Your taxes are no longer enough for the government. To ensure you’re paying your "fair share," the government now wants banks to report all transactions over $600. That's not just for the wealthy. That's for EVERYONE.

Sen. Ted Cruz asked a law professor if she found voter ID laws racist. After Franita Tolson responded that it "depends," Cruz asked specifically, "What voter ID laws are racist?" "Apologies Mr. Cruz, your state of Texas, perhaps," Tolson responded.

Activists lament that the crisis of missing and murdered Native American women doesn't get the attention paid to Gabby Petito

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The U.S. will contribute at least $250 million to a new global fund to fight future pandemics, Vice President Kamala Harris announced. "We need to act so that our world will be ready to respond before and not after the next pandemic emerges," she said.

One of the inflatable moons from a mid-autumn moon festival in Henan province, China, rolled away on Monday — watch two poor staffers try and chase it down 😬😂

The U.S. and French presidents moved to mend ties, with France agreeing to send its ambassador back to Washington and the White House acknowledging it erred in brokering a deal for Australia to buy U.S. instead of French submarines without consulting Paris

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