The Clintons reportedly easing back into politics as Biden struggles

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While Ukraine has the momentum, this is the moment for the United States, NATO, and other partners to go all in — more and better weapons and more and better sanctions.

Russia today is seeking to annex Ukrainian territory the size of Portugal. No Western diplomat should ever use again the phrase , "rules-based international order," if we allow this annexation to happen.

2014 marches for peace in central Moscow, tens of thousands of people came. In the first pic is one of the organisers, Boris Nemtsov, and the sign says "Hands off Ukraine". He was planning to lead another anti-war rally in March 2015, but was shot dead a couple of days before.

Rihanna Confirmed for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Italy is poised on Sunday for a norm-breaking election that’s expected to give the country its first-ever female prime minister — and its farthest-right government since the fall of Mussolini.

LOOK: Former Vice President Leni Robredo reminds those affected by Typhoon#KardingPH  to remain vigilant and calm, be prepared and listen to updates, especially from LGUs. | 📷: Robredo/Twitter • Follow live updates for #KardingPH :

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The first thing we will do when we earn back the House this November is to repeal the 87,000 IRS agents Joe Biden and House Democrats’ hired.

IMO, this has been @imVkohli ’s best T20 knock in a long while. Approach measured and adapted to situation as it unravelled, aimed at winning match not winning brownie points. Well played!

Republican Rep. Cheney said Saturday that she would be willing to campaign for Democrats as she criticized her party's acceptance of candidates who deny the results of the 2020 election.