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Dogecoin has amassed a following in corners of the internet where, while some may have been looking for the next big thing, others were just looking for laughs.

There is no reason to settle for a so-so cup of coffee.


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Scoops of the Week

Our @TeamUSA  athletes spent an afternoon with us at our store, getting ready for their journey to Tokyo Our ECOFAST™ Polo Shirt appears here on Heimana Reynolds, while @jordynbarratt  and @DarylDHomer  wear their official Closing Ceremony Uniforms

@Oprah  teams up with Dr. @BDPerry  to better understand childhood trauma and shift away from asking, “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” And they're going on a virtual tour!

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Olympic Water Polo Gold Medalist@theAshJohnson  shares her thoughts on Tokyo 2020: “To put on the Team USA 2020 uniform for the first time, it was incredible...I'm so ready. I'm so ready for Tokyo” Discover more from our @TeamUSA  athletes:

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Retail Is Surging -- Here's What Everyone Is Spending Their Stimulus Checks On | by @JChan1109 

Last chance to join today's free webinar, "Five Steps to Scaling a Service-Based Business" with @itsterryrice . Register here:

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Nearly 90% of Americans plan to travel this summer, according to @ASTAAgents . Good thing "the deals are amazing right now."

2019-2021 : anni horribiles pour la reine Elizabeth II >>

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